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Root Canal Treatment in Poland


Root Canal Treatment in Poland - painless treatment at affordable prices in the best dental clinics in Krakow, Szczecin, Gdansk and more - Dental Travel PolandWhat is root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment (also called Endodontic) is a procedure used when the nerve of the pulp (tooth’s blood supply) is infected as a result of decay or injury.

What is the purpose of the   root canal treatment ?

Once the infection gets into the tooth’s root, it can easily spread to other teeth through the root canals, which can result in abscess. When the root canal treatment is applied, the infection is removed. In some case, tooth extraction is also required.
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First visit – One day, 1 hour

Depending on the number of the canals to be healed, the duration of the visit can be different. In general, it shouldn’t take more than one hour to perform the root canal treatment. Another visit may be needed if the treatment is followed by a Post or a crown installation.
If the  scope of the patient’s visit is the crowns installation, and the  root canal treatment  is performed as preparation for the crowns to be put in place, the patient will need to add 1-2 days to the duration of the whole treatment.


After the Root Canal Treatment you should take care of your tooth just the same as any other teeth. Remember to brush your teeth at least once a day using fluoride toothpaste. It’s also recommended to limit the sugar snacks and have them only at mealtimes.


Does  root canal treatment  hurt?

A local anesthetic is applied for the procedure, and the patient should feel the same as in the case of a simple filling.

What does root canal treatment involve?

The  root canal treatment is performed in order to remove the infection from the root canal. Once the infection has gone, the canal is cleaned and filled to prevent any further infections. The procedure of the  root canal treatment requires time and skill. Two visits are needed in most of the cases. During the first one, the infection is removed. Any abscess found at this stage will also be drained. Once the canal root is cleaned, it can be shaped for the filling. The tooth will be then left to heal and a temporary filling will be put in place. During the second visit, the tooth is checked and if all the infection is gone, the permanent filling can be installed.

How will my tooth look like after the treatment?

With the modern techniques, there is no risk for the tooth to look any different. Using the older methods, the tooth was getting darker after the root canal treatment . If you notice any discoloration, you can use one of many available treatments in order to get the natural look back.

What is the alternative to  root canal treatment ?

If the  root canal treatment  is not performed, the only solution left is tooth extraction. Once the pulp is destroyed, it never heals itself and the infected tooth should not be left in the mouth. If the patient prefers the tooth to be extracted rather than healed, the dentist will recommend keeping as many natural teeth as possible.

What will happen with the tooth after treatment? Will it be safe?

Yes, the tooth stays safe. A  crown installation is recommended in order to strengthen and support the root healed tooth. In that case, a Post/Core should be put in place after the procedure.

What is a Post?

A Post or a Core is a structure made of metal and installed inside the tooth root after the  root canal treatment .

Is it worth to get  root canal treatment  in Poland?

Of course!  Root canal treatment  is a chance to get the best service and to save some money. We offer  root canal treatment  in Warsaw and Krakow and in our other locations in Poland.

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