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      “I found Dental Travel Poland on a google search. I chose the Spa in Szczecin as I was travelling from the Shetland Islands with my daughter (14), and it looked so inviting set on the edge of the forest! They had a deal on that the accommodation and food was free, and my daughter could stay free too! I only had to pay for her food. The Manager Greg was fantastic, a real gentleman. The staff were very friendly, always smiling and making sure our stay was very comfortable. Anna my dentist was brilliant and I couldn’t be happier with my treatment! I would go back again in a flash!If anyone wants to phone me they are more than welcome!”

    Julie Moncrieff, Shetland Islands, Scotland

     “My wholehearted recommendation of you, Dr. Kozłowski. You have obviously chosen the right profession. Probably the best dentist in Poland. Keep up the good work!”

    Ann, Crawley


     “Excellent communication prior to visit, questions answered quickly and in a reassuring way. Great care on arrival making sure everything is well with the accommodation and being taken to the dentist. As for the treatment; just SUPERB. The anesthetic jabs were so gentle and I didn’t feel a thing during any of the treatment! and the pain killers were really good. For anyone considering this trip to get serious dental work done, THERE IS NOTHING TO FEAR. You will well looked after and there is help offer with other crisis during you stay too.”

    A.Szymanska, UK


     “Excellent service throughout by DTP staff. Very pleasant Dentist (and staff) very high quality of work with good materials and clean state of the art facilities. A surprisingly comfortable experience in a beautiful city. No problems whatsoever 18 months on.”

    K. Brown, UK


     “We could not have had any better treatment,the service was fantastic,we would recommend it to anybody,the dentist was just out of this world ,we could not believe you were in a dentist chair.”

    C.B., UK


     “Absolutely fantastic service. The staff were extremely helpful and courteous. The Dentist was great/ They arranged absolutely everything for me including transfers to and from the airport and everything was included in the price. I would definitely recommend your service to everyone I know. Should I need more dental work I will definitely come back. They could have charged me double and it still would have been cheaper then getting any Dental work done in London.”

    B.R., London


     “I found everyone in Dental Travel Poland very helpful and friendly. The service provided was excellent and every procedure was explained in detail. They also went out of their way to accommodate me with an extra appointment I needed within the short space of time that I was in Gdansk. I can highly recommend Dental Travel Poland.”

    Patricia Roe, Ireland


     “My experience of this “dental tour” in Gdansk was beyond expectation with very helpful tour coordinator, taxi ride; then very helpful receptionist of the hotel I stayed plus good breakfast and everything in general; the best bit obviously is my fantastic experience with the dental care with very pleasant and caring dentist plus assistants. All the treatments were clearly explained and organised until the final treatment. Gdansk is a wonder city to visit too with really nice ambient with good cheap beers and foods!! I love it and will definitely return even without my tooth problem.”



     “I was very impressed with the communication and the price of the treatment. The clinic was very friendly and I got first class treatment from the dentist, who went beyond normal levels of service to get my treatment finished. For example he used a taxi to get my impressions to the lab and came to work on his day off to fit my dental bridge.”

    Matt Ayscough


     “DTP was extremely friendly and professional. I was provided clear instructions and maps to the clinic (and even a direct mobile number to communicate by SMS in case it was necessary). The dentist I was seen by spoke fluent english and overall was able to accomodate my very tight schedule (4 working days in Poland for a crown) without any difficulty.”



     “I would like to thank DTP for their service and especially my representative Joanna Rojek. I am ever grateful for her professionalism, eagerness to help me and general kind attitude. I have already recommended your company and Joanna personally to many of my friends that are contemplating having dental surgery. If in the future I need any more work done, I have no doubt in my mind that I will be using DTP again. As for the dentist himself, Leszek Kozlowski, he was extremely thorough, professional and his bedside manner was exceptional. I am very happy with his work, I LOVE MY NEW TEETH :)”

    Mitchell Clarke


     “This is a good and better for patients I respect this company from the core of my heart. It is good company I pray for that doctor who treated me that day he is good dental doctor and a helper nurse they both treated nicely with me that day. I found this company is the best of all over the world about patients.”



    “An excellent service and excellent treatment I would definitely recommend it.”

    P.B., UK


    “Great service – very cheap!”

    Kim A., Denmark


    “I got Dr. Adam. He speaks English. He is very easy going and calm. He explains what he is going to do before he does it. The equipment is very modern, I live in Norway and I have never seen so high level on camera, x-ray, and laser thing for whitening. I broke a tooth which was root canaled so I had to have three visits. Ok, that is a lot of traveling, but treatment only cost about 3300 NOK. That is great considered Poland is such a nice country to visit.”

    Espen R., Norway

     “The staff at the clinic in Szczecin could not have been more helpful. It was an ideal spot for us as we were traveling in our motorhome and could park there in pleasant surroundings until the treatment was finished.”


     “Without hyperbole, I’ve hardly ever been treated so kindly and professionally, before. The staff was extremely helpful on all occasions, and went out of their way to accommodate us; the dental team was the best I ever encountered and their professionalism is outstanding; the location is fabulous.”

    C.E., Germany

     “I would realy recomand this company for anyone looking for dental treatment. Since I live in Norway, dental services are very expensive. Did only regular dentistry, but the savings alowed me to have at great holliday in one of Europas most beautifull cities. We all need to spend money at the dentist. Why not spend the money in beautiful and friendly place, and get an hollidy included? For the price of just the treatment at home? In fact, I am so happy with the clinik, and the dentist, that I am considering getting veneers. Because in this way, I can afford them! And they give med an exelent excuse to return to wonderfull Krakow:-)
    I was very pleased, but then I did not need any help regarding anything else than the treatment. And I have to say, Joanna is a star!”

    H.S., Norway

    I had already booked a holiday with friends to Krakow. A friend suggested I look into dental care as I needed two fillings. I arranged it all easily by email before I went & got two fillings, for the price of one in Ireland! The dentist was lovely, fluent English & really professional.  It was done so quickly.  I’ll really recommend it!

    E.B., Ireland


      “We would recommend Dental Travel and Treatment in Gdansk, Poland. Patrky and Dr Igor run a tight ship and one can enter with confidence that quality services promised will be delivered. Thanks again for your help in securing their services. The wife and I are 2 happy clients who will return again.” 
                                                                                                                           Tim, Southampton



    “I feel that the Clinic in Szczecin is absolutely ideal for patients needing quite extensive treatment, offering as it does a very peaceful stress-free environment with a very caring and helpful staff. I particularly appreciated being able to take another person with me.”

     R.A., UK

    “Great treatment, no waiting list and perfectly price offer! Furthermore great team and fast mail answering!”

    K.D., Vienna

    “I was really very pleasantly surprised by the quality of work provided- and also the price. He replaced some mercury fillings with white ones and it’s like I have new teeth! I would recommend this dentist very highly and it’s likely I will be returning next year for more treatment.”

    S.D., UK

    “I have had dental treatments for several days Dental Clinic in Gdansk, taking out roots, and built two bridges to replace. A couple of fillings and also cleaning was performed, to my satisfaction at a hyper modern and clean clinic. A professional and friendly staff, I even had a good time being there, totally 7 consultations spread on two trips to the great city og Gdansk. I can only say that I`m very pleased with everything, the price was even good, compared to my homeland, Norway! I can totally recomend this clinic!”

    T.A., Norway

    “I have just arrived back home after treatment and holiday in Gdansk. Everybody, from the receptionist to the dentist were just NICE, from the minute you entered, you really felt welcome and taken care of. This is a place Dental Travel Poland can be proud of – which is an asset to the company. The atmosphere is so good, the staff make a good team, always cheerful and in a good mood.  Besides, they seem very professional. At least, I am very, very satisfied. And I`m sure that anyone that gets to this clinic will be happy with the treatment as well. Here you get super quality dental care to a most reasonable price. Also impressing is the English knowledge, especially as for the dentist that treated me. My impression is that language skills here on the whole are very good, which is a big pre when you are engaged in dental tourism. The clinic was beautiful and clean. It`s central, and easy to find.
    It`s definitely a clinic to recommend to anybody, and I would not hesitate to go there if I need treatment in the future.
    A big thank you to all of you!”

    Inger J.S., Norway

    “Very helpful and professional work, friendly atmosphere. I was very satisfied by the treatment and the follow up held by the clinic. The prices are satisfactory. “

    R.R., Netherlands

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