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smile after all on 4

Why all on 4 is the best solution

4.8 15 All on 4 is a dental solution in which dental bridge replacing all teeth is supported on four implants. It serves as a full mouth restoration for patients with decayed or badly broken down teeth and for those suffering from a gum disease. The features of all on…

girl during dental veneers procedure

Dental veneers procedure step by step

5.0 02 ContentsStep 1: Imagining the futureStep 2: The trial runStep 3: Preparation of the veneersStep 4: Laboratory artisansStep 5: CementingVeneers procedure can enhance any of the subsequent traits of your teeth Step 1: Imagining the future The makeover of your smile is a real collaboration — veneers procedure step…

dental veneers

Dental Veneers - advantages and disadvantages

5.0 02 Porcelain veneers are made of thin porcelain pieces mainly applied to restore the natural look of your teeth and at the same time strengthening and improving the elasticity which may be compared to a natural tooth enamel. The main focus is on the material used for those looking…

crown vs fillings

Dental crowns vs dental fillings

5.0 02 If at the dentist’s it was confirmed that there is some damage or decay to your tooth, you should resolve this problem. One of the solutions for this issue is fillings or crowns which both are applied to address this problem yet the procedures are different. In comparison…

man smiling after all on 4

Pain after dental crowns - is it normal?

5.0 03 Once you have decided to undergo the dental procedure of fitting new crowns, the possibility of a toothache is the last thing you have in mind. While your new crown is in perfect condition, that is not always the case of the remaining live root on which the…

woman after healing teeth loss

Dental crowns - problems and solutions

5.0 03 The last step in the tooth restoration procedure is dental crowns installation yet if inappropriately installed may be a source of pain, sensitivity or some complications. If you struggle with some inconveniences regarding dental crown abroad contact immediately your dentist. In the meantime, here you may find additional…

smiling couple

Is all on 6 in Poland good for me?

5.0 01 A lot of people struggle with losing teeth so if you have the same problem there is a good solution for you! You may decide to wear dentures but if you feel uncomfortable with it, you might be a perfect candidate for all on 6 in Poland. ContentsIs…

smiling woman with teeth crowns

How to maintain a dental bridge?

5.0 02 Those who have a missing tooth perfectly knows how it is difficult to communicate with each other, speak and even eat. Therefore, a consultation with your dentist is essential to take further steps in your dental treatment. If you have a missing tooth a good option to solve…

smiling couple with all on 4

Should I be affraid all on 4 in Poland?

5.0 02 In the mind of most people, dentistry is always associated with childhood nightmares, no matter the advances in technology and development of painless techniques. When making up your mind about the need for such complex procedures like all-on-4 dental implants, it is absolutely normal to wonder about your…

smiling women with implants

How long will my dental crowns last?

5.0 03 There are many factors that affect the dental crowns effect. First is: was it safe dental crowns, meaning what was the product quality and material. Some older techniques used by cheaper clinics in the West and cheaper ingredients may lead to reduced longevity of dental crowns. You must…