Ways to a perfect smile

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Modern dentistry achievements allow you to ” produce ” a wonderful , dazzling smile almost everybody . If nature has not endowed us perfectly equal , healthy and white teeth – no problem, just make an appointment with your dentist in Poland!

How to start?

Start with a dental consultation – the patient together with the dentist determines how achieve the dream of a perfect smile. The dentist, after the examination and interview , determines the treatment.

Tooth extraction is a last resort – but sometimes necessary . Sometimes, in order to improve the shape your smile, some teeth have to be removed completely. In place of the removed tooth the dentist may insert a crown or an implant in Poland.

When teeth are cured , you can start thing of the whitening treatment . This is best done in the dentist’s office – the treatment is carried out under full control , and the results may surprise you. Your dentist will choose the appropriate concentration of whitening agent and remedy for possible hypersensitivity to the formulation.


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