Why should you wash your dentures and implants?

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Dentists in Poland warn you that oral hygiene of people wearing dentures or implants is necessary because:

  • The prosthesis is made of acrylic, which absorbs odors very well, so an unwashed prosthesis releases an extremely unpleasant odor;
  • wearing dentures supported by natural teeth requires more thorough care than for your own teeth – to preserve the functionality of the prosthesis;
  • Dental implants have contact with on the one hand – the mouth environment full of bacteria, and on the other – with the bone tissue. In the event of failure of oral hygiene – the implant location fosters inflammation.

Remember to take good care of your teeth, whether they are natural or artificial. A nice smile makes to look and feel much better. If you need treatment to achieve a beautiful smile, be sure to make an appointment for dental treatment in Poland!

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