What to see in Warsaw while getting your dental implants

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Warsaw is a wonderful place to go for both the treatment and vacations. I’m sure you will feel the same after visiting our clinic!

Why choose Warsaw as a dental implants destination?

Poland is a beautiful European country, especially the capital of Poland – Warsaw is worth visiting. Dentists in Warsaw are all qualified professionals with European diplomas and certificates.  With Dental Travel Poland you can save up to 75 % on your treatment. Teeth implants in Poland are cheap, while performed on the highest level.  As dental implants are much more affordable in Poland than in the Western-European countries, you should definitely consider implantation in Warsaw.

How long does it take to get dental implants in Poland?

The treatment itself takes some time but the effect is definitely worth waiting that time.

During the first stage, which takes 3 working days, the dentist installs the implants. Between 7  and 14 days after the implantation the sutures can be removed. It is followed by the healing period (3 to 6 months). The last stage involves the performance of a permanent restoration on the implants and we require 5 days stay. It is a perfect period of  time to take some time off, go sightseeing and see some of the best attractions in Poland.

TOP 7 things you should see in Warsaw

The Old Town

The Old Town is a must-see on any visit to Warsaw, even though it is one of the newest “old towns”, as it had to be rebuilt after the World War II.

Nevertheless it is a beautiful and quiet place that is reflecting a lot of history. You can explore the climatic streets and alleys or admire the Old Town Square which is lined with tall houses exhibiting a fine blend of Renaissance, Baroque, Gothic and neoclassical elements.

Royal Castle

Warsaw’s Royal Castle, which was also reconstructed after WWII bombing, dominates the big Castle Square.

In 1596, the Polish capital was moved from Krakow to Warsaw. The local castle, once the possession of the Dukes of Mazovia, was renovated in royal style, and Warsaw was transformed from a growing centre of trade to the centre of Renaissance Europe’s largest empire.
The man responsible for the move can be seen standing high on a column in the middle of the castle square – this is Zygmunt III Waza.

The Castle used to serve as the residence of the royalty between the 16th and 18th centuries, and since the last century it has been functioning as a gallery for the portraits of the Polish kings and a collection 18th-century paintings of Warsaw ordered by Poland’s last king, S. A. Poniatowski.

Copernicus Science Centre

If you want to experience something different from any other experience, you should definitely visit the Copernicus Science Centre. It was opened in 2010 and it is the most absorbing and fun place, where you can actually learn a lot. You can interact with a talking robot before you explore the scientific world. It is a great place for both adults and children, everyone can learn something new and interesting there. The Centre is a very popular option in Warsaw so be sure to book your tickets in advance, you won’t regret it!


Warsaw University Library and Garden

The BUW – an ultra-modern building was opened in December of 1999, while the rooftop garden was opened in 2002. It is one of the largest and most beautiful roof gardens in Europe with an area of more than 10,000 m2, where you can admire multiple species and varieties of plants. You can also have a great view of Warsaw, the Vistula river and the Świętokrzyski Bridge. You can also see directly inside the library through special windows, or the glass roof itself.

Definitely it is one of the best spots to visit, while your stay in Warsaw!

Wilanów Palace

Warsaw’s top palace is Wilanów – often called “Polish Versailles”. It dates to 1677, when King Jan III Sobieski bought the land and turned an existing manor house into an Italian Baroque villa for a royal summer residence. The walls of the palace are decorated with images of some of the King’s most famous military victories

Exceptionally, this beautiful piece remained undamaged after WWII. The style is however  based on many different influences and tastes. Worth visiting are also the gardens and french-designed lawns, which offer an opportunity for a peaceful walk.


Museum of the History of Polish Jews

This is an amazing and exceptional museum, which opened in 2014. It documents over 1000 years of Jewish history in Poland, from the earliest Jewish traders in the region through the mass migration, progress and pogroms, all the way to WWII and the destruction of Europe’s largest Jewish community. The museum if worth visiting, as you can not only hire an audio guide but also it is very interactive.


The Palace of Culture and Science

Even though almost every Polish citizen agrees, that it is one of the ugliest buildings in Poland, every visitor to Warsaw should visit the Palace of Culture and Science, as it is an iconic, socialist realist building. It was a “gift of friendship” from the Soviet Union, and it was built in the early 1950s.

It is 231m and it is the tallest building in Poland. It’s home to a huge congress hall, theatres, a multiscreen cinema and museums. You should definitely take an elevator to the 30th-floor (115m) observation terrace.

As you can see, Poland is definitely worth visiting for both your dental treatment and sightseeing. If you have any questions contact our patient advisers and book your cheap dental treatment in Poland today!


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