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A veneer is a very thin, fixed prosthetic restoration, put on a tooth for aesthetic purposes.

They differ from dental crowns in Poland by means of tooth preparation. To prepare for veneers the dentist needs to polish the front of the enamel, whereas in the case of crowns, the whole tooth needs to be prepared.
Young people are recommended to choose dental veneers in Poland over crowns.

What are veneers used for?
• to improve the appearance of the tooth,
• to restore its function.

Which teeth need veneers?
• Discolored ones
• with abnormal shape
• filled with an unaesthetic material
• translocated teeth
• teeth treated root canal.

• malocclusion
• nail biting habit
• thin or damaged enamel
• badly damaged or dead tooth
• a short tooth
• poor oral hygiene.


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