A veneer smile

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There are many ways to improve the appearance of our teeth, such as dentures or implants. But many people, including Hollywood movie stars, choose veneers.
Veneers are very thin (about half a millimeter in thickness) porcelain shells, which are applied to the teeth. They change the shape and color of your teeth’s enamel, leaving you with a healthy, white and beautiful smile.
Veneers are beneficial not only for aesthetics. They also increase the durability of incisor teeth. The thin porcelain shells connect with the tooth, increasing its strength to a large extent.
Porcelain veneers are extremely thin, however, putting them on requires polishing our natural damaged enamel. Then a thin layer of the best quality cement is put on, which allows the veneer to merge with the tooth.
Before getting veneers, you may get rid of a unattractive tooth fillings, which will surely boost your self-esteem. During anaesthesia old fillings are removed, leaving only the healthy part of the tooth.
The procedure of putting on veneers lasts five to seven days. Getting your veneers in Poland is a great idea due to the fact that dentistry in Poland is advanced and modern but still a lot cheaper than abroad.


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