Is the ugly mouth odor always due to lack of hygiene?

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Lack of hygiene (which allows the bacteria to spread) is just one of the possible causes of bad mouth odor . Halitosis , or bad smell from the mouth, is very common, though the person suffering from this problem often notices it only when someone tells them about it .

If you properly care for teeth and the perceptible odor persists or it appeared out of nowhere , it is necessary to consult with a dentist in Poland. The first thing is to rule out diseases of the teeth such as gums disease, tooth decay or gingivitis.

The reason may, however, be dysfunction of the digestive or respiratory tract . The oral cavity is a part of both tracts.

Diseases of the digestive system that can have such a symptom include acute gastritis, peptic ulcer disease or bowel obstruction . Diseases of the respiratory system with this symptom include pneumonia and bronchitis.

Less frequently the reason is diabetes or liver disease. Note that in all these cases, the bad smell from the mouth is only a symptom , so you should remove the cause , not just mask the symptom.

However, if the cause is just neglect of hygiene, all you need is to start taking proper care of your mouth and teeth. Your dental treatment in Poland should include: washing your teeth and tongue (to avoid bacteria gathering ) after every meal , using dental floss and rinsing fluids and chewing sugarless gum.


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