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Dental Veneers Poland - all you need to know

SmileWhat is a veneer?

A veneer that is a thin layer of material(composite or porcelain) placed over a tooth. Veneers are installed to improve the appearance of a tooth or to protect the tooth’s surface from damage. Nowadays, there are two types of material used to perform a dental veneer, composite and dental porcelain.

Who is a good candidate for veneers?

  • patients with cracked teeth
  • patients with minor orthodontic problems
  • patients with coffee, tea, cigarette stains
  • patients with small gaps between teeth
  • patients who want to bright teeth
  • patients who had root canal treatment

Who is not a good candidate for veneers in Poland?

  • patients with gum diseases
  • patients with cavities problems
  • patients with large gaps between teeth
  • patients with bite problems
  • patients with bruxism
  • children

The benefits of veneers Poland

  • white smile
  • fresh smile
  • perfectly straight teeth
  • gaps between teeth are covered
  • stains free teeth
  • alternative for braces

Dental veneers Poland – length of procedure

Full porcelain veneers are completed within 5 working days, veneers are performed in the prosthetic laboratory. During the first appointment, the doctor prepares the teeth for the veneers. He will grind the surface of teeth and take impressions. Then the dental laboratory needs a few days to prepare the veneers, which are installed on the patient’s teeth during the second appointment.

Composite veneers are completed within 1 day, while your appointment in dental office.

Choosing between composite and porcelain veneers Poland

Today’s composite veneers are made from composite, the same material like dental fillings. Composite is long lasting material. Composite veneers are used for chipped or discolored teeth. They are also used where there are minor misalignments of teeth to give teeth the appearance of more aligned teeth. The greatest advantage of composite veneers is that it is an additive process that is reversible and can be removed and replaced as needed, the procedure does not require teeth grinding.
Porcelain veneer therapy involves removal of a thin tooth, as tooth surface should be perfectly smooth to install veneer. This procedure is recommended for major discoloration, malformation or misalignment of teeth. The great advantage of porcelain veneer is their resistance to staining and chipping as compared to composite veneers.

Back to work:

There is no need to take any days off.  You could go back to the work the day after veneers installation.

Dental veneers Poland Risks:

  • Tooth Sensitivity
  • Tooth Damage
  • Veneer may break

Dental veneers Poland Price:

Veneers are in low prices in Poland. Dental Travel Poland offers best prices for both, composite and porcelain veneers. The price for composite veneers starts from 70 GBP. Such price is not possible in the UK, as in there the cost of composite veneers can vary from £150-£400 for a single tooth.  We may offer you also cheap price for a full porcelain veneer. It is only 210 GBP for one ceramic veneer, in the UK the price can range from £500-1000 per tooth.

Dental veneers Poland guarantee:

Usually, warranty lasts 5 years. Detailed information you have to ask our consultants.

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