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Maxillofacial Surgery

Maxillofacial Surgery in Poland is a jaw deformity correction by the best dentists in Warsaw, Gdansk, Szczecin, Poznan and more cities - Dental Travel PolandMaxillofacial Surgery Treatment Description

What is a maxilofacial surgery?

This is a surgical procedure to move the position of the jaw.  It’s intended use is jaw deformity correction in cases where appearance and health are affected.  Maxilofacial surgery is where the jaw is straightened, alike in orthodontics when the teeth are straightened.  Orthognathic surgery  and Orthodontic treatments can be combined. This will be done after the surgery. This will be create optimal alignment of biting by re-arranging teeth.  Orthodontic Treatment becomes necessary as a result of the jaw being moved, this normally will result in the teeth being moved.

Who can have the Orthognathic Surgery performed?

Orthognathic Surgery  is idea for those of us with an improper bite, or wrongly positioned jaws.  The cause of this is the upper and lower jaws growing out of line with the other.

In which cases should jaw surgery be performed?

This is a list of common reasons for facial imbalances which can be improved by jaw surgery.

  • Small jaws/chins
  • Large jaws/chins
  • Birth defects of the jaw
  • Jaw injuries
  • Excessive wearing of teeth
  • Teeth which don’t fit together
  • Unbalanced appearance of the jaws
  • Chronic pain of the jaws
  • Receding chin
  • Flat cheekbones
  • Problems with speech
  • Problems with biting, chewing and swallowing food

What is the maxilofacial surgery comprised of?

To start, you may meet one of our specialists to determine if the Jaw Surgery is required.  Normally the maxilofacial surgeons and orthodontists are present during the maxilofacial surgery.  Braces may be used in certain circumstances to align teeth.  Once this has been done, the surgeon can proceed with alignment of the jaws.  This may be done with the braces in place.
Jaw surgery is done while under anesthesia, and can last from 3 to 4 hours.  This can be either one of both jaws being operated on in one session.  At this point, some incisions are made which expose the upper or lower jaw’s bone.  Now the Jaw surgeon will begin to cut the bone, adding and removing to the bone until the optimum position has been achieved. After the proper placement of the jaw bones, the maxilofacial surgeon will re-attach the jaws using screws and wires.

Why should I make the decision to get orthognathic surgery performed?

You should opt for Jaw Surgery when you have any serious facial imbalances.  This can cause a number of problems such as speaking difficulties, chewing, biting, not to mention how it affects your health and appearance.  If left untreated, facial imbalances can prove to be dangerous in the gum and jaw joint areas.

Is it worth to do the maxilofacial surgery in Poland?

The answer is definetly Yes! Jaw surgery in our country is a superb opportunity to receive a dental service of the highest calibre. You also save on Orthognathic Surgery.

As part of our service, we can offer  maxilofacial surgery  in Krakow and in Warsaw  along with other locations in Poland.


So that we can monitor your condition after your maxilofacial surgery, you should stay between 2 and 5 days.  The actual procedure takes from 3 to 4 hours.  A consultation visit is required prior to the procedure being performed.  This is necessary as every case is unique.


In the following week after your maxilofacial surgery, you should take special care.  An all liquid diet is highly recommended to be followed, and in time introduction of soft foods.  Any hard exercise must be avoided in the first month after the surgery. Skin face discoloration and swelling may occur as a reaction.  In total the healing process can last anything from a few weeks, to  one year.

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