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Dental implants Poland - All you need to know

Dental implants are great solution for people who have been having problems with their teeth. They are available in almost every dental office, but the price may differ according to your location. If you consider installing implants you should read our article!

Implants definition

Teeth implant is a titanium screw that is inserted into patient’s gum and bone. Implants are used to substitute lost tooth. Many patients have long lasting problems with their teeth and implant is their only solution in restoring their beautiful smile.

Benefits of installing implants

Many patients have severe problems with their teeth and implants are the best solution for them. Dental implants are quick and easy to install, they are very long lasting and they can offer almost immediate results. They are the best available solution that almost perfectly resembles natural teeth.

Candidates for implants

You are a good candidate for teeth implants if:

  • you have healthy gums
  • you have enough bone structure to anchor the implant
  • you are committed to taking good care of your new teeth
  • you do not suffer from any long term diseases or you have them under control

Implants prices

Implants are not cheap solution, but they offer long term results. Implant price may vary in different dental offices or in different countries. Price of teeth implant is very high in UK or Scandinavian countries. However, the price does not have direct connection to quality. You can find the best brands of implants in cheaper prices in countries such as Poland. Dental offices there have the highest quality and offer up to date dental treatments.


Implantation procedure

Implantation procedure is divided into two stages. During your first stage, dentist can extract teeth that need to be replaced and sometimes bone augmentation is needed to build up bone structure. Than dental implants are installed into your bone. To finalize first stage of treatment dentist offers you temporary crowns to fill in the gaps. After 4-6 months of healing you should come back to have permanent crowns installed. Before crown installment, healing ring is place for few days on implants. After the crown installment the patient can go back home. To maintain good state of dental implants, it is required to come to annual check ups.

Required medical tests

Implantologist needs to see your CT scan and panoramic x-ray to assess what approach is the best for you. Some dental clinics require full blood work, but this is just a safety measure.

Length of procedure

First stage of dental implant treatment can take around 2-5 days, depending on your health. Second stage should last around 5-7 working days, because of preparation of permanent crowns. The procedure of implants installation itself lasts around 2-3 hours.

Type of anesthesia

Usually teeth implants are installed using local anesthesia. However, if you prefer general sedation there are dental offices that can offer you that type of anesthesia.

Risks and complication for implants

As with any surgical procedure there are some risks and complications connected with dental implants.

  • implant rejection
  • infection at implantation site
  • injury to surrounding blood vessels
  • sinus problems

However, if you choose an experienced implantologist than those risks can be minimized. Make sure to do a background check on your dentist and ask him how many implants he installs per year and what is his success rate.


Send your enquiry to the best dentists in Poland

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