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Dental implants Poland - FAQ

What are dental implants?

A dental implant is a tiny screw made of titanium. It serves as a replacement of a tooth root.  After implant is installed, the second step is placing a crown on implant. The crown replaces the visible part of a tooth.

Are dental implants safe?

Yes, they are. Nowadays, implantation is a safe, standard and almost non-invasive procedure offered to patients. The best implant system integration is successful in 98,9% of all implantation procedures in the world. The implantation treatment has been getting more and more advanced, as a result it is becoming safer, more common and even more effective treatment.

What is implant made of?

Implants are made of titanium. It is a highly biocompatible material, and as a result there is almost no possibility that the body rejects it afterwards.

Can I have allergic reaction to implants?

Titanium, which dental implants are made of, does not cause allergic reactions. Hence, if you decide to have implants, you do not need to make any allergen testing. Also, even if you are allergic to other metals, you do not have to make such testing.

Is implantation painful?

Implantation is usually performed under local anaesthesia, so the jaw area is completely numbed. The vast majority of patients admit that implantation is much more tolerable than root canal treatment.

Will I feel pain after the visit?

After implantation procedure the gums become more sensitive, so you may feel some slight pain or discomfort. Nonetheless, most patients say the pain disappears the next day and no painkillers are necessary.

What is the durability of implants?

Implants are the most durable procedure offered on a dentistry market. The can last from dozens of years till lifetime. The durability depends, to a great extent, on your caring for the gums and teeth after completing the treatment.

Is there a guarantee for implants?

Yes, all implants have a guarantee. The length of the guarantee depends on the brand of implants and starts from 10 years. Many brands offer a lifetime guarantee for implants.

Will I need to have a bone graft?

During the 1st visit, the implantologist will assess whether or how much bone graft you need. If your tooth has been missing for some time, probably you would need a certain amount of bone graft. Usually the implant is placed immediately after bone grafting, so there is no necessity of having an extra visit.

May I have implants if I smoke?

It is advisable to quit smoking before having implants. Smoking may hamper healing process and gums recovery, which can reduce the durability of implants.

How long does the implantation treatment last?

The treatment is divided into 2 steps. First visit lasts about 3 days and includes installing implants. When patients agrees, also a temporary crown is installed. After 3-6 months, there is a 2nd visit lasting about 5-7 working days. During this visit the permanent crown on implant is placed and the treatment is completed.

When can I go back to work after treatment?

In general, you can return to work the next day after implantation if your dentist does not have advise you otherwise. But you should avoid strenuous activity for a few days after the visit.

How long does it take to install the implant?

In general, one implant is installed within 30-60 minutes. The time might lengthen depending on individual patient when e.g. a bone graft or tooth extraction needs to be done first.

Can I have tooth extraction and implant placement on one visit?

Yes. Implants can be placed immediately after tooth extraction. But if you have your tooth removed firstly, you should wait at least 3 months before having implant installed.

Will I be without a tooth during the healing time?

No, the dentist can install a temporary crown on implant for the healing period. On the second visit the temporary crown will be replaced with a permanent one.

Can I be too old or too young for implant?

The age does not matter in implantation treatment. The dentist qualifies you for implants after analysing your teeth and gums condition. The only prerequisite is that your teeth have reached a full maturity, so you should be at least 18, but there is no upper age barrier regarding implantation.

Is it possible to replace all teeth with implants?

Yes, you may have a permanent denture based on implants. The dentist installs 4 or 6 implants on each jaw and places a permanent bridge on them. It is the most naturally-looking and durable method of a full jaw restoration. It is called All-on-4  dental implants Poland or All-on-6 dental implants Poland.

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