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    Dental Implants Poland

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    Dental implants are a great solution for people who have been having problems with their teeth. They are available in almost every dental office, but the price may differ according to your location. If you consider installing implants you should read our article!

    Dental implants are a form of restorative dentistry.  It means that they help you restore your smile. By using implant we may reverse time to how it was before you lost a tooth.

    Implants definition

    A Teeth implant is a titanium screw that is inserted into the patient’s gum and bone. Implants are used to substitute lost tooth. Many patients have long lasting problems with their teeth and implant is their only solution in restoring their beautiful smile.

    Every dental implant has three parts:

     1. A crown on implant which looks natural and replaces tooth. This crowns on implants are durable and lasts up to 20 years.

     2. A titanium implant which replaces the root.

     3. An abutment which connects the implant with the crown. Abutment has important role, as in case of crown damage, you do not need to replace whole implant, you need to install a new crown on implant only.

    Below you may find some interesting fact about dental implants.

    • Implants are made of what rockets are made of, this material calles titanium, so there is no wonder implants are remarkably strong.
    • Implants have a legacy. Mayan Civilization around 600 AD used tooth-like shells as implants.
    • A dental implant will not get a cavity.
    • 25% people older than 74 has lost all of their teeth.
    • 3 million people in USA has implants and that number is growing.

    Benefits of installing implants

    Many patients have severe problems with their teeth and implants are the best solution for them. Dental implants are quick and easy to install, they are very long lasting and they can offer almost immediate results. They are the best available solution that almost perfectly resembles natural teeth.

    Are dental implants safe?

    Yes, they are. Nowadays, implantation is a safe, standard and almost non-invasive procedure offered to patients. The best implant system integration is successful in 98,9% of all implantation procedures in the world. The implantation treatment has been getting more and more advanced, as a result it is becoming safer, more common and even more effective treatment.

    What is the durability of implants?

    Implants are the most durable procedure offered on a dentistry market. The can last from dozens of years till lifetime. The durability depends, to a great extent, on your caring for the gums and teeth after completing the treatment.

    Can I have allergic reaction to implants?

    Titanium, which dental implants are made of, does not cause allergic reactions. Hence, if you decide to have implants, you do not need to make any allergen testing. Also, even if you are allergic to other metals, you do not have to make such testing.

    Candidates for implants

    You are a good candidate for teeth implants if:

    • you have healthy gums
    • you have enough bone structure to anchor the implant
    • you are committed to taking good care of your new teeth
    • you do not suffer from any long term diseases or you have them under control

    Can I be too old or too young for an implant?

    The age does not matter in implantation treatment. The dentist qualifies you for implants after analysing your teeth and gums condition. The only prerequisite is that your teeth have reached a full maturity, so you should be at least 18, but there is no upper age barrier regarding implantation.

    Required medical tests

    Implantologist needs to see your CT scan and panoramic x-ray to assess what approach is the best for you. Some dental clinics require full blood work, but this is just a safety measure.

    Implantation procedure

    Implantation procedure is divided into two stages. During your first stage, dentist can extract teeth that need to be replaced and sometimes bone augmentation is needed to build up bone structure. Than dental implants are installed into your bone. To finalize first stage of treatment dentist offers you temporary crowns to fill in the gaps. After 4-6 months of healing you should come back to have permanent crowns installed. Before crown installment, healing ring is place for few days on implants. After the crown installment the patient can go back home. To maintain good state of dental implants, it is required to come to annual check ups.

    How long does the implantation treatment last?

    The treatment is divided into 2 steps. First visit lasts about 3 days and includes installing implants. When patients agrees, also a temporary crown is installed. After 3-6 months, there is a 2nd visit lasting about 5-7 working days. During this visit the permanent crown on implant is placed and the treatment is completed.

    How long does it take to install the implant?

    In general, one implant is installed within 30-60 minutes. The time might lengthen depending on individual patient when e.g. a bone graft or tooth extraction needs to be done first.

    Is implantation painful?

    Implantation is usually performed under local anaesthesia, so the jaw area is completely numbed. The vast majority of patients admit that implantation is much more tolerable than root canal treatment.

    Will I feel pain after the visit?

    After implantation procedure the gums become more sensitive, so you may feel some slight pain or discomfort. Nonetheless, most patients say the pain disappears the next day and no painkillers are necessary.

    Will I be without a tooth during the healing time?

    No, the dentist can install a temporary crown on implant for the healing period. On the second visit the temporary crown will be replaced with a permanent one.

    Can I have tooth extraction and implant placement on one visit?

    Yes. Implants can be placed immediately after tooth extraction. But if you have your tooth removed firstly, you should wait at least 3 months before having implant installed.

    Will I need to have a bone graft?

    During the 1st visit, the implantologist will assess whether or how much bone graft you need. If your tooth has been missing for some time, probably you would need a certain amount of bone graft. Usually the implant is placed immediately after bone grafting, so there is no necessity of having an extra visit.

    May I have implants if I smoke?

    It is advisable to quit smoking before having implants. Smoking may hamper healing process and gums recovery, which can reduce the durability of implants.

    When can I go back to work after treatment?

    In general, you can return to work the next day after implantation if your dentist does not have advise you otherwise. But you should avoid strenuous activity for a few days after the visit.

    Type of anaesthesia

    Usually teeth implants are installed using local anaesthesia. However, if you prefer general sedation there are dental offices that can offer you that type of anaesthesia.

    Is it possible to replace all teeth with implants?

    Yes, you may have a permanent denture based on implants. The dentist installs 4 or 6 implants on each jaw and places a permanent bridge on them. It is the most naturally-looking and durable method of a full jaw restoration. It is called All-on-4  dental implants Poland or All-on-6 dental implants Poland.

    Risks and complication for implants

    As with any surgical procedure there are some risks and complications connected with dental implants.

    • implant rejection
    • infection at implantation site
    • injury to surrounding blood vessels
    • sinus problems

    However, if you choose an experienced implantologist than those risks can be minimized. Make sure to do a background check on your dentist and ask him how many implants he installs per year and what is his success rate.

    Dental implants abroad do not require any special care

    You may treat dental implant as your natural teeth. You must brush them as normal teeth as there is no special care needed. What is more, implants will never need root canal treatment, or fillings. Their color will not change dramatically. Implants may be only compromised by gum disease. Proper oral hygiene, regular check ups, hygiene clean (if needed) will ensure your dental implants last a lifetime, as they’re designed to do.

    Dental implants Poland are like natural teeth

    Your natural teeth have roots that keep them securely anchored to your jawbone. Roots keeps teeth in place. What is more, anytime you chew, the pressure follows those roots and stimulates the bone tissue in your jaw.  Because of that stimulation, jaw is prevented from jawbone deterioration. Implants works almost the same, implant has a solid attachment with the bone. Implants are easily absorbed by bone / body,  because they are made of titanium, this type of metal has a unique ability to fuse to living bone. Crown on implant will look completely natural and be visually indistinguishable from your natural teeth.

    Dental Implants Abroad – before and after pictures:


    Dental implants Poland are the longest-lasting tooth replacements

    Dental implants after installation become part of your jawbone. They are permanent solution to the tooth loss. Many patients ask about dental bridge to fill the gap between the implants. It is essential to understand that teeth go through a lot of pressure and work. We use our teeth repeatedly every day to tear and crush up your food and such pressure can mean that dental restoration (dental bridge) will not last forever. Dental bridges, for example, typically only last around 15 years, while each implant has lifetime warranty. Once installed implant may have crown on implant installed and some years later, if needed, you may install overdenture on it. Our wide offer has international, standard and premium implants.

    Important information regarding dental implant in Poland:

    Dental Implant Poland Pricefrom 370 GBP
    Dental implants Poland success rate99.8%
    Number of trips abroad needed2 trips
    First trip to install implants
    Second trip to install crown on implant
    Stay in Polandfirst trip for 3 days, second for 5 days
    Dental Implants Poland procedure duration2 hours
    Anesthesia Local or sedation
    Dental implants Poland healing time6 months (osseointegration time)

    Dental implants abroad prevent bone loss and flatten your risk of cavities or gum disease

    You may not know about it, but bone loss connects with tooth loss. Bone is living tissue which must be in constant stimulation, it needs stimulation to be rebuild by itself and stay healthy. The stimulation is provided by teeth. In case, even one tooth is lost, the bone begins to resorb, or melt away. Dental implants are the only solution on market that stops this process by fusing to the jawbone and stabilizing it. No other tooth replacement method can stop bone loss. When you miss teeth, you have gap where after each meal food is trapped. Bacterials are increasing and may cause cavities, bad breath, gum diseases.

    Implants prices

    Implants are not cheap solution, but they offer long term results. Implant price may vary in different dental offices or in different countries. Price of teeth implant is very high in UK or Scandinavian countries. However, the price does not have direct connection to quality. You can find the best brands of implants in cheaper prices in countries such as Poland. Dental offices there have the highest quality and offer up to date dental treatments.

    Dental implant abroad price comparison:

    Dental implants in Poland are cheap

    We are happy to offer you cheap dental implant Poland at a high quality. Our dental implant price starts from 370 GBP! It is more than 1500 GBP less than in UK. Some of our patient can not believe in such low prices abroad. In Germany average per implant is equal 2000 EUR, Dental Travel Poland may offer you implant for 470 GBP that is more than 75% less. Feel free to contact our consultants. We are happy to provide you with dental treatment abroad and organize your stay for dental implants in Poland.

    Is there a guarantee for implants?

    Yes, all implants have a guarantee. The length of the guarantee depends on the brand of implants and starts from 10 years. Many brands offer a lifetime guarantee for implants.

    Dental Implants Poland reviews:

    Cheap dental implants in Poland

    I was looking for dental implants here in London, but prices were ridiculous! I am not rich, I needed cheaper option. I checked abroad dentists, checked that Poland, India, Turkey has good prices. Finally I went to Poland, I am happy with results. Everything was fine, I have Aplha Bio implant with life time warrancy! Hope will have no complications in future!

    Ken, London, UK

    Implant done in Krakow was a good decision!

    I lost my right, upper 4th tooth when I was a teenager - stupid accident! I was very pissed that my smile was not full and beautifull. When I finally gathered enought money, I looked for dental clinic in Poland to have the implant installed. I was great clinic in Krakow - Albusdent. The staff was very helpfull and professional! I paid almost 50% less than in UK, where prices are sky high... Now I am comming back to Krakow to have the pernament crown installed and have my perfect smile once again 🙂 Thank you!

    John, Bristol, UK

    Implant reconstruction after car accident

    I lost front teeth in car accident. I had denture, but I am too young to wear it. I decided to perform dental implant and bridge. It was the most affordable option for me. I could strongly reccommend Implant Art - great clinic! My teeth look so natural. I had also whithiening so my smile is fresher.

    Rob, Liverpool, UK

    Satisfied with implants and clinic itself!

    I had an implant in Krakow, clinic Albusdent. Very professional stuff, excellent work. And most importantly, they have very cheap implants with a lifetime warranty. I went there for 1 implant and finally had 3. I'm really satisfied with the clinic.

    Magda, Birmingham, UK

    New full set of teeth

    I was missing 4 teeth in my upper jaw and I wanted to have the gaps filled. Dentist suggested doing implants, because the teeth were not next to each other. I had some bussiness to do in Warsaw, Poland, so I visited dentist there. He gave me good price and said that we can do implants right away, because I had enough bone left. I finished my first stage in 2 days and I was back in 5 months for 5 days to have pernament crown installed. Now I have my new full set of teeth and I saved a lot of money doing it in Poland.

    Andy, Cardiff, Wales

    Great treatment in Poland!

    I was very pleased with this experience and will go back to finish the treatment in September.

    C.D. , France

    I’m pleased with the treatment

    Well organized service with excellent customer support!


    Dental implants in Poland

    I needed urgent dental treatment and I was treated with the utmost care and consideration from start to finish. The service was excellent and the dental staff went above and beyond for me. I cannot thank the staff at the clinic or the staff who organised all my taxis, hotel and support throughout my stay. A truly fabulous service - thank you so much Anna!


    S.J. , the UK

    I love my dental implants done in Poland

    I was very happy of the price/quality-ratio on my treatment. The staff was very professional and friendly, too. Can do many trips to Warsaw with the money I saved on the dental treatment!

    T.L. , Finland

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