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Hygiene Clean in Poland

Hygiene Cleaning in Poland - high quality removal of tartar or sandblasting at affordable prices. Hygiene Cleaning in Poland Procedure

When should I do the hygiene cleaning?

Teeth cleaning should be done on:

1. Gum Disease.

2. Yellow Teeth.

3. Discoloured Teeth.

4. Stained Teeth.

What reasons are there to do teeth cleaning?

Hygiene cleaning will give you healthy looking teeth, and an odourless mouth.  One result of hygiene cleaning is that afterwards, you will have pink gums that will not bleed or be painful during brushing or flossing.
It is a good protection against plaque, which may be a prelude to more serious problems.  These can vary from periodontitis, gum disease, tartar, and teeth decay.  Also due to the miracle of hygiene cleaning, your teeth will avoid becoming unsightly, or even tooth loss, and they will last longer.

See how hygiene clean is performed in our clinic in Lodz:

In the domestic environment people regularly brush and floss their teeth, there should also be kept in mind to seek regular professional help by means of dental hygiene cleaning to keep their teeth clean.  Extra attention is recommended if you have any of the problems above.

There is a standard level hygiene cleaning which is focused on soft plaque removal, and hard tartar from above and below the gum line.

The deeper teeth cleaning has several levels of treatment.  In the first stage the health of your teeth is examined, and any problems identified.  In the secondary stage, begins the cleaning process using professional equipment.  In the third and final stage a rinse is applied which will make your teeth shine, while protecting them.

There is the possibility that tartar is located deep under the gum line. This case calls for further measures in the form of laser teeth cleaning.  This iss done while the patient is under anesthesia while a laser is used. There is no pain in this procedure.

Is it worth to get the teeth cleaning in Poland??

Definitely!  To receive treatment with hygiene clean abroad would be a great opportunity as you will receive a dental service of the highest level, plus you will also save your money in the treatment.

Hygiene cleaning in Krakow and teeth cleaning in Warsaw are services we provide in our other Polish locations.


The number of visits depends on the case. One visit: 30-60 minutes

Send your enquiry to the best dentists in Poland

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