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    Dentures Poland

    Dentures in Poland is an appliance which is worn to replace missing or lost teeth. Make an appointment to visit the best dental clinics - Dental Travel Poland

    What is a denture?

    Dental denture replaces the missing teeth and allows the patient to enjoy regular food and smile with confidence. They are not permanently fixed and can be removed at any time. The full or complete denture replaces all of the natural teeth in the lower or the upper jaw, as opposed to the partial denture that fills in the gaps after missing teeth and is attached to the teeth with metal clips or more complex attachments.

    What are the dental dentures made of?

    The base of the denture is a plate made of metallic or acrylic materials and holds in place the teeth that are most often made of acrylic. The teeth match the color of the patient’s natural teeth. This part is very important for the partial dentures.

    Why choose Dentures in Poland

    How dentures will make my teeth look different?

    Dentures are individually prepared for every patient in order to match the natural teeth so a minimal change in appearance can be noticed. The most modern dental dentures can even improve the patient’s appearance by filling the gaps, and making the smile look better.

    Is it possible to eat with dentures?

    The patient will need some practice to be able to eat with a denture. You should start with some soft food cut into small pieces. In order to prevent the denture from moving, you should chew slowly, and use both sides of the mouth. Other types of food can be added progressively as you get used to your new denture. Ultimately, you will be able to return to your regular healthy diet.

    Will false teeth change the way I speak?

    You may need some practice in pronouncing some particular words. An easy exercise to help you deal with that is to repeat difficult words while reading. If you notice your denture occasionally slips when you laugh or smile, simply put it back in place by biting down and swallowing gently. If this happens often, consult our dentists.

    How long should I wear my dentures?

    For the first couple of days, it may be recommended to wear the denture for most of the time, even at night, in order to adjust it properly. After that, our dentist may suggest to remove the denture for the night to let your gums rest.

    Is it necessary to use a Denture fixative?

    False teeth abroad are made individually to fit the patient’s mouth, so the usage of a fixative shouldn’t be necessary. Nevertheless, dentures can become looser with time, and a fixative may be needed as a temporary solution before having dentures replaced for ones that will fit again. Dentures that are not fitted correctly can result in irritation and pain.

    Is there any special care for my mouth that is required?

    Proper oral hygiene should be observed even in case of full dentures. Brushing the gums, the palate and the tongue with a soft brush will help remove plaque and stimulate the circulation inside the mouth. Patients wearing partial dentures need to remember to brush their teeth daily in order to prevent decay and gum disease that could lead to further teeth loss.

    What is the difference between immediate dentures and conventional dentures?

    Conventional dentures are made and installed once the teeth have been removed and the tissues healed. The healing process can take several months. The difference is that the immediate dentures are installed immediately after the teeth extraction. To be able to do that, our dentist will need to take impressions of patient’s mouth during a preparatory appointment. The advantage of the immediate procedure is that the patient is never left without teeth, and do not have to wait for the healing period. Nevertheless, there is a risk that the gums and the jaw bone may shrink with time and the Immediate Dentures will not fit properly. They may need to readjust in such cases, or even be replaced.

    What does a denture feel like?

    A new denture can make you feel uncomfortable at the beginning. After a couple of weeks you should get used to it. The dentures can feel loose before the tongue and the cheek muscles learn how to keep them in place. If this feeling continues, please contact our dentist. In the adjustment period, patients may also feel irritation or pain. The saliva flow will be temporarily increased.  All that should disappear once your mouth gets used to the denture.

    How long will dentures last before they need to be replaced?

    Dentures will need to be relined or replaced after regular every day usage or in the case when the mouth shape changes. The jaws can align in a different way if the gum and the bone shrink. Keeping a loose denture can be a health risk as it can cause infections, pain or serious discomfort. A loose or unfit denture can also cause eating or speaking disorders. It’s very important to have a loose denture replaced before it starts causing issues.

    Is it worth to get false teeth in Poland?

    Of course! Dentures in our country offers you not only the best service quality, but also a chance to save some money. We offer dentures in Warsaw and dentures in Krakow and in our other locations in Poland.

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