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    Inlay/onlay Poland

    Inlay/onlay is a cosmetic method of teeth restoration. Usually, they are used in major cavities and are a substitute for a soft fillings. Inlay/onlay treatment in Poland are a great start to health teeth. Let’s learn more about your current dental options!

    5 reasons to do inlay/onlay in Poland.

    Guarantee of durable and aesthetic reconstruction of large defects in the tooth tissue with inlay/onlay in Poland.

    Nowadays, dentists have a wide range of dental treatments to offer to their patients. If you have a large dental defect, do not worry, your dentist can offer you several options. Below we will explain the differences between four major ways of teeth restoration in Poland.

    • Inlay – it is an indirect tooth restoration that is performed using solid dental material. It can restore almost all tooth structures, except for tooth cusps.
    • Onlay – is a similar dental treatment method as the inlay. The only difference is, that it can restore tooth cusps.
    • Pinlay – it is a type of inlay or onlay that is partially attached to the tooth by pins, to make it more stable.
    • Overlay – is a similar dental treatment method to inlay. It extends over larger part of the tooth than inlay.

    What is the difference between inlay/onlay and a dental crown?

    The difference between inlay/onlay and crown is that the crown is a way to fully restore a tooth and inlay/onlay are only a partial solution in tooth restoration.

    What is the difference between inlay/onlay and a direct filling?

    Inlay/onlay is a method that uses harder materials. Also, inlay/onlay are prepared in prosthetic laboratory and are made using dental impressions, to ensure the best fit possible. Direct fillings are made using special dental paste that is hardened with heat. It causes the filling to shrink and leaves a small gap between the filling and the remaining tooth.

     After inlay/onlay abroad, your teeth will be rebuilt and stronger.

    Dental inlay/onlay procedure in Poland is a great way to help your teeth look and feel healthier. It takes only a short stay in Poland to come home with healthy looking teeth. To create inlay/onlay the dentist uses only the best and hardest materials, such as porcelain or gold. Due to this fact, the inlay/onlay is one of the strongest solutions for large dental defects.

    Important information regarding inlay/onlay procedure:

    PriceThe price for inlay/onlay depends on materials used.
    Usually, it starts from 115 EUR / 100 GBP.
    AnesthesiaLocal anesthesia is used to numb the area
    Healing timeAfter your visit in the clinic and final installation of inlay/onlay, you should be in good shape to continue with your life. However, please be advised to take proper care of the tooth with inlay/onlay.
    Stay in PolandTo perform this kind of tooth restoration, it is required to have 2 visits with the dentist. During the first visit, your dentist will prepare your tooth and take impressions to create the inlay/onlay. This visit should last around 1 hour. After 7-14 days (depending on the clinic) you can come back for your second visit. On this visit, the dentist will install the inlay/onlay that was prepared in dental laboratory. This visit is much shorter, because it can last around 10-20 minutes. After that, you are good to go home!

    Safe and highest quality teeth restoration procedure done by the best dentists in Poland.

    Inlay/onlay is considered a safe teeth restoration procedure because it does not require extensive work. If your tooth is badly damaged and has a large defect in it, one of the most direct options it to have it extracted. However, it is a very painful solution that leaves you with a hole in your jawline. To fill that hole, you have to have a bridge or dental implant. This whole procedure takes a lot more time (up to 6 months) than inlay/onlay. This type of tooth restoration is a quick fix that can serve you for many years, depending on the materials used.

     Much lower prices for dental inlay & onlay in Poland in comparison with the UK or Germany.

    It is a well know fact, that Polish dental clinics offer one of the best standards in dental care. However, not many people know that the prices in Poland and really competitive and cheap. Below, we have compared prices in Poland, UK and Germany. The price for inlay/onlay in Poland is almost 50% lower than in Germany!


     Arrangements for travel and stay in Poland.

    If even after learning about great prices for inlay/onlay in Poland, you are still not convinced to traveling abroad, we have our last argument to help you. Our excellent patient advisers are there to help you with your travel. They can find you the best flight connection to Poland. If you are flying from the UK, you can buy tickets even for 20 GBP! Your patient adviser will also help you with booking your accommodation. You have plenty of options, from rental apartments to 5 star hotels. During your stay in Poland, your patient adviser is there to help you with any troubles that you may come across, so do not worry!


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