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One-Day Crowns in Poland

One-day crowns in Poland - dental treatment done in just one day by the best dentists in Krakow, Warsaw or Wroclaw. Contact Dental Travel Poland today. What is a dental crown?

A crown is a tooth-shaped “cap” that is installed over a tooth. It works as a cover to the tooth which restores its size, shape and strength. It can also improve tooth appearance. When cemented into place crowns fully encase the whole visible part of a tooth above the gum line.

Why choose One-Day Crowns in Poland


Why is the one- day crown better than traditional crowns?

In the traditional method, at least two appointments are needed. During the first one, all preparation is done and a temporary crown is placed. This temporary crown can be used for 4 weeks or even more, all that time can damage the tooth that can change its position or become more sensitive. With one day crowns method, the waiting time is reduced and all of the necessary procedures are conducted during one single appointment. This prevents the tooth from any risks related to the waiting time.

Should I take any special care for my one visit crowns?

One day crowns should be maintained the same as the traditional crowns. There is no need to operate any special care. The patient should continue to maintain a proper hygiene practices such as brushing the teeth twice a day at minimum.

Is it worth to get one visit crowns in Poland?

Of course! One day crowns in our country is a chance to get the best service and save some money. We offer one day crowns in Warsaw and  Krakow as well as in our other locations in Poland.


First visit: up to 3 hours