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Temporary crowns Poland - All you need to know

smile with dental crowns PolandCrowns are caps placed on the teeth, they restore the size, shape, and color of your teeth. There are two types of dental crowns in Poland: permanent crowns and temporary crowns. Temporary crowns are very often applied in dental treatments. They may serve as a solution themselves, or be applied as a supplementary device for teeth restoration. A temporary crown is a fast and relatively cheap.

Temporary dental crowns Poland – definition

A temporary crown is a short-term cap. Usually, it is applied before a permanent crown is installed. It protects the tooth for the time when permanent crowns are prepared. They are usually made of a composite material and are prepared in the dental office by the dentist. They are cemented to the tooth in a way that they can last for up to a year and can be easily removed in the dental office.

Temporary dental crowns Poland materials

Cheap temporary crowns in Poland can be made of 2 different materials:

  • acrylic – which is a plastic-like material
  • composite resin

It is also possible to make temporary crowns from aluminum or stainless steel. However, such crowns need to be prefabricated.

Benefits of temporary dental crowns Poland

Placing temporary crowns have many advantages, which include:

  • they protect teeth from infections, breaking, oversensitivity, and cracking before permanent crowns are installed
  • they improve the aesthetics of the smile and teeth functionality immediately
  • temporary crowns in Poland belong to the cheapest ones available on the European market
  • they are used as a test for permanent crowns – they can be easily removed, hence they allow for achieving a desired size and shape of a permanent crown as they can be placed and removed multiple times
  • they prevent teeth from shifting.

Candidates for temporary dental crowns abroad

You are a good candidate for cheap temporary crowns if you need a permanent crown and want to have your tooth before the permanent crown is prepared. Your general health needs to be in a good shape and you should have realistic expectations regarding the procedure.

Temporary dental crowns prices

The average price for a temporary crown in Poland is 10 GBP, which makes Poland one of the leading countries for crown treatment abroad.

Temporary crowns Poland – procedure

A temporary crown is prepared immediately in the dental office. Firstly, the impression of a tooth is taken, after which the dentist makes a sticking plaster mould and prepares the crown. The prepared crown is cemented to the tooth. Then, the procedure is finished. It is a very fast dental work, lasting less than an hour.

Required medical tests

No medical tests are required before placing a temporary crown. However, sometimes the dentist may ask the patient to perform some tests or X-rays, but it is very individual matter.

Length of procedure

Preparing and fitting a temporary crown is a very fast procedure. The treatment takes only 1 visit and the crown is prepared by the dentist himself (not in an exterior laboratory). The treatment lasts less than 1 hour.

Type of anesthesia

The treatment can be performed under local anesthesia, but in many cases, no anesthesia is used at all! The procedure is very fast and almost painless. Applying local anesthesia is discussed individually with every patient.

Risks and complication for temporary crowns

Sometimes, temporary crowns can get loose, dislocated or it can fall off, so the additional visit at the dentists is necessary. The crown may also change its shape due to chewing gums or eating sticky food. Also, you need to remember that temporary crowns are a short-term solution – their durability is up to 1 year.

Temporary dental crowns abroad

The main function of cheap temporary crowns in Poland is replacing teeth before permanent crowns are placed.Such a solution gives the patients the feeling of aesthetic look and improves teeth functionality. If you consider having cheap crowns abroad, do not hesitate and contact Dental Travel Poland. WIth us, you will get your cheap crown treatment and save much money! We will help you organize your crown treatment as well as the journey and stay in Poland. Contact us and come for your cheap temporary and permanent crowns to Poland!

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