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    Dental Crowns Poland

    If your tooth is decayed or damaged, but not lost yet, placing a crown may be a great solution for you. Crowns restore the appearance, functionality, shape of teeth, and what is extremely important, they are indistinguishable from the rest of your teeth as they look absolutely natural. They are one of frequently chosen solutions for patients suffering from dental problems. The process of crowns installment requires only a few visits.

    Dental crowns Poland – definition

    A dental crown, called also a cap, serves as a tooth restoration which covers the whole visible part of a tooth or an installed dental implant Poland. Every crown is always prepared individually for each patient so that its shape, colour and size is the exact copy of a natural tooth. Crowns are placed for either aesthetic or protective reason and due to their functionality, they are often proposed by the dentists.

    Types of dental crowns

    Crowns can be made of various materials. During the first visit, you and your dentist choose the appropriate material. Your decision will be based on your needs, budget, and expectations. On the market, there are four main alloys serving as a crown material. They are:

    • Metal crowns – the most durable material which very rarely breaks or chips and does not intrude on other teeth. These crowns are recommended for molar teeth because of the metal colour of a crown.
    • Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns – are the most popular ones. Their colour can be easily matched to your natural teeth shade. This material is less durable than pure metal crowns and is more prone to chipping or breaking.
    • Resin crowns – its main advantage is an affordable price in comparison to other crown types. Nonetheless, they can chip or wear down sooner that other types of crowns.
    • Porcelain or ceramic crowns – are best for front teeth because they can match the colour of your natural teeth to such an extent that there is no difference between them. However, they are not as durable as metal or porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns.

    Benefits of installing teeth crowns

    Dental crowns effectively restore damaged structure or enamel of your tooth. They eliminate such problems as extensive decay, the infection of a tooth root, and chipped or broken tooth.

    Apart from that, more and more patients decide to have dental crowns to improve the aesthetic appearance of teeth. Thanks to crowns, teeth gain one desirable colour, shape, and size. Crowns may also serve as a completion of implantation treatment – they are installed on implants or may be connected to form a dental bridge.

    Candidates for dental crowns Poland

    The best candidate for a dental crown is a person whose tooth is decayed or severely damaged, but at the same time has enough structure to support a placed crown. Also, if you look for improving the appearance of your teeth, but have problems with your bite, which disqualifies you from veneers, crowns are a perfect solution for you.

    Required medical tests

    Your dentist needs to see your CT scan or panoramic x-ray to assess what approach is the best for you. Some dental clinics require full blood work, but this is just a safety measure.

    Dental crown Poland – procedure

    The process of crowns installment requires 2 visits. During the first appointment, the dentist prepares your tooth for a crown by filing and reshaping it. Then, the necessary impressions of a tooth are made in order to prepare a perfectly-fitted crown. The dentist may also place a temporary crown, especially if the treatment involves your front tooth. The impressions are sent to a laboratory, which needs several days to make a crown. On the second visit, the dentist will remove a temporary crown and place a permanent one. In order to complete the treatment, you need at least 5 working days. However, some clinics in Poland offer also single-visit crowns. Then the laboratory prepares your crown in an express mode and you have it installed after a few hours.

    Length of procedure

    The crown treatment lasts about 5-7 working days. The exact time depends on the clinic and laboratory, but you will always be told in advance how long your treatment will last. Also, some clinics in Poland offer 1-day-made crowns, which means that the laboratory prepares your crown within several hours.

    Type of anesthesia

    Usually, crowns are installed using local anesthesia.

    Risks and complication for crowns

    In general dental crown treatment is really safe, but as in any body interference, some degree of risk needs to be taken into account. The possible complications involve:

    • tooth nerve damage
    • increased sensitivity to heat and cold
    • bite misalignment
    • infection
    • allergic reaction

    If you notice any of the above symptoms or feel pain after completing the treatment, consult the dentist in order to avoid further complications.

    Teeth crowns prices

    The prices for dental crowns in Poland are one of the most affordable in Europe. The prices for a crown always vary and depend on the material from which it is made. The cheapest price for a metal crown in Poland is 133 GBP. On your first visit you will be provided with the prices for each type of crowns and you will make a decision which crown material you choose.

    Reasons to choose dental crowns in Poland with Dental Travel Poland

    dental crown - Copy

    If you suffer from a tooth decay or have problems with your tooth, come for dental crown to Poland. Dental crown is an individually prepared tooth covering, which replaces the visible part of a tooth. It strengthens, restores and significantly improves the tooth and it looks like natural look. Also, dental crowns can fix your chewing problems and cheer your smile up. Thanks to their aesthetic and oral health benefits, crowns are one of the most frequently chosen solution in dentistry.


     1. Dental crowns are perfect for a damaged or broken tooth!

    Dental crowns are caps having a tooth-shape which perfectly imitate your natural teeth. When your tooth is broken, damaged, crashed, or decayed, dental crowns will be a great solution. A crown will be prepared in the laboratory in such a way that its shape, size, strength and colour is indistinguishable from other teeth. Apart from that, crowns serve as the completion of implantation and dental bridge treatments. As can be seen, dental crowns have a variety of functions and if you feel you may need a tooth crown, do not hesitate to contact Dental Travel Poland to be given the opinion by one of our dentists.

    Dental Crowns Abroad – before and after gallery:

     2. In Poland you can have a crown made even in one day!

    The treatment regarding crowns in Poland usually lasts from 5 to 7 working days. Within this time you have two visits. During the first appointment, the dentist prepares your tooth for a crown – reshapes it and files it down, then the necessary tooth impressions are made. The dentist sends the impressions to the laboratory, which needs a few days to prepare a crown for you. When your crown is ready, you come for the second appointment to have it placed.

    What attracts patients from abroad is the fact that clinics in Poland offer also 1-day-made crowns. You may have the treatment completed within 1 or 2 days as some laboratories work in an express mode. The important factor is also that the price is exactly the same as for regular crown treatment.

    Important information regarding dental crowns Poland

    Dental crowns Poland price186 GBP
    Dental crowns Poland success rate98,9 %
    Stay in Poland5-7 working days
    Number of trips abroad needed to get dental crown in Poland1
    Dental crown Poland anesthesia Local
    Dental crown Poland healing timeno healing time

     3. We guarantee professional and high-quality dental treatment abroad!

    Dental Travel Poland cooperates with the best dental clinics in Poland. The laboratories which prepare crowns are of highest standard, so are the dental offices. You will have the treatment with the experienced, certified and renowned dentist who specialises in crowns. You may ask us for the information about your dentist before you come and make sure your treatment will be performed by a professionalist.

    4. Clinics in Poland offer one of the cheapest dental crowns!

    The prices for a crown in Poland are one of the most affordable in Europe. Undoubtedly, there is not one price, as it depends on the material from which a crown is made. Our clinics in Poland offer a wide range of materials for crowns, which are chosen individually for each patient on the first visit. The price for a crown in Poland varies from 186 GBP to 380 GBP for a full porcelain crown. Of course there are even cheaper prices for dental crowns in Poland e.g. for a composite or porcelain-fused-to-metal crown. If you decide to have cheap crowns in Poland, you can save more than 50% of money for your treatment.

    Dental crowns abroad price comparison

     5. We will help you organise your journey, treatment and stay!

    When you contact Dental Travel Poland, we will help you not only get the cheapest dental crowns abroad, but also we will advise you on the most affordable flight tickets and hotels. We cooperate with numerous clinics across Poland, e.g. in Krakow, Warsaw, Gdansk, Wroclaw or Poznan and will do our best to offer you the clinic with most affordable prices for crowns in any city in Poland. We would like to provide you with the highest-quality, most satisfying and affordable dental crowns treatment abroad!


    Temporary dental crowns Poland – definition

    smile with dental crowns Poland

    A temporary crown is a short-term cap. Usually, it is applied before a permanent crown is installed. It protects the tooth for the time when permanent crowns are prepared. They are usually made of a composite material and are prepared in the dental office by the dentist. They are cemented to the tooth in a way that they can last for up to a year and can be easily removed in the dental office.

    Temporary dental crowns Poland materials

    Cheap temporary crowns in Poland can be made of 2 different materials:

    • acrylic – which is a plastic-like material
    • composite resin

    It is also possible to make temporary crowns from aluminum or stainless steel. However, such crowns need to be prefabricated.

    Benefits of temporary dental crowns Poland

    Placing temporary crowns have many advantages, which include:

    • they protect teeth from infections, breaking, oversensitivity, and cracking before permanent crowns are installed
    • they improve the aesthetics of the smile and teeth functionality immediately
    • temporary crowns in Poland belong to the cheapest ones available on the European market
    • they are used as a test for permanent crowns – they can be easily removed, hence they allow for achieving a desired size and shape of a permanent crown as they can be placed and removed multiple times
    • they prevent teeth from shifting.

    Candidates for temporary dental crowns abroad

    You are a good candidate for cheap temporary crowns if you need a permanent crown and want to have your tooth before the permanent crown is prepared. Your general health needs to be in a good shape and you should have realistic expectations regarding the procedure.

    Temporary dental crowns prices

    The average price for a temporary crown in Poland is 10 GBP, which makes Poland one of the leading countries for crown treatment abroad.

    Temporary crowns Poland – procedure

    A temporary crown is prepared immediately in the dental office. Firstly, the impression of a tooth is taken, after which the dentist makes a sticking plaster mould and prepares the crown. The prepared crown is cemented to the tooth. Then, the procedure is finished. It is a very fast dental work, lasting less than an hour.

    Required medical tests

    No medical tests are required before placing a temporary crown. However, sometimes the dentist may ask the patient to perform some tests or X-rays, but it is very individual matter.

    Length of procedure

    Preparing and fitting a temporary crown is a very fast procedure. The treatment takes only 1 visit and the crown is prepared by the dentist himself (not in an exterior laboratory). The treatment lasts less than 1 hour.

    Type of anesthesia

    The treatment can be performed under local anesthesia, but in many cases, no anesthesia is used at all! The procedure is very fast and almost painless. Applying local anesthesia is discussed individually with every patient.

    Risks and complication for temporary crowns

    Sometimes, temporary crowns can get loose, dislocated or it can fall off, so the additional visit at the dentists is necessary. The crown may also change its shape due to chewing gums or eating sticky food. Also, you need to remember that temporary crowns are a short-term solution – their durability is up to 1 year.

    Temporary dental crowns abroad

    The main function of cheap temporary crowns in Poland is replacing teeth before permanent crowns are placed.Such a solution gives the patients the feeling of aesthetic look and improves teeth functionality. If you consider having cheap crowns abroad, do not hesitate and contact Dental Travel Poland. With us, you will get your cheap crown treatment and save much money! We will help you organize your crown treatment as well as the journey and stay in Poland. Contact us and come for your cheap temporary and permanent crowns to Poland!

    Dental Crowns Poland – FAQ

    1) What is a dental crown Poland?

    A dental crown is a permanent tooth-shaped artificial “cap” designed in such a way, that it appears to be a natural tooth. It may preserve the functionality of damaged teeth, as the main purpose of a crown is to restore a tooth with a custom-designed material.

    2) What materials are used to make a tooth crown abroad?

    Different materials are used to create crowns including metal, gold alloy, ceramic, and porcelain. Sometimes a combination of materials will be used for a dental crown. The dentist will help you decide which material would be the best for you, based on the location of the teeth, their function, and aesthetic considerations.

    3) When do I need a dental crown Poland?

    There are many different reasons why you might need a dental crown. Your dentist might offer you a crown treatment in case of:

    • broken teeth
    • teeth that were root canal treated
    • teeth that require a large filling
    • dental implants Poland procedure
    • the need to hold a dental bridge or fixed denture in place
    • discoloration of teeth or chipped enamel (often due to severe fluorosis)

    4) How is a tooth prepared for a crown abroad?

    Usually, two visits are needed in order to create a crown.

    On the first visit, a consultation after which the dentist will reshape and recontour your tooth, in order for the crown to fit properly. Next, the dentist will take an impression of your tooth using impression paste or putty and usually place a temporary crown.

    5) How the teeth crown Poland installment procedure looks like?

    Application of the actual crown happens on the second visit, of course after removing the temporary crown. After the fitting, of everything, looks fine and is accepted by both patient and the dentist, a local anesthesia will be used to numb the tooth and the new crown is permanently cemented in place.  

    6) What is the length of the dental crown procedure?

    Typically, it lasts about 5-7 working days, however some clinics in Poland offer crowns available in 1 day.

    7) What is the cost of a dental crown?

    Dental crowns surgery cost varies depending on a lot of factors, especially the kind of material playing a big role. However you should consider getting your dental crowns abroad, as the price may be lower. You can get cheap dental crowns in Poland anywhere from 180 GBP.

    8) Will I experience any pain when having my tooth prepped for a dental crown?

    While the installment of a dental crown usually a local anaesthesia is being used and you shouldn’t feel any pain. However it may not be required if you’re having a post crown and there is no nerve present in the tooth.

    9) Will my dental crown be noticeable or visible?

    Your dental crown will be perfectly matched with your teeth to lessen the visibility.

    10) Will the crown feel any different?

    Of course, at first you may notice, that it feels a little different but after a few days you should get used to the feeling and it will become unnoticeable.

    11) Does a dental crown require special care?

    Dental crowns don’t require any special treatment, however you should remember that by keeping good and proper oral hygiene you can expect it to last a lot longer. To keep gums and teeth healthy everyone should brush them twice a day and floss every day.  Regular check-ups and visits with dentists are also of particular importance.

    12) How long do dental crowns last?

    If properly taken care of, with good oral hygiene and regular check-ups, you can expect your crown to last a long time, on average dental crowns last between 5 and 15 years.

    13) What are the recommendations after a dental crown surgery?

    To prevent damage to your new dental crown it is advised to avoid eating hard foods, chewing ice or other hard objects. Applying to those tips, you can enjoy long-lasting crowns and a beautiful, healthy smile.

    14) What are the benefits of dental crowns?

    Besides the benefit of a better look of your teeth, dental crowns can also support a damaged tooth, restore it after a root canal, protect a worn off tooth, anchor a dental bridge, ask tooth discoloration, cover a tooth implant, improve your speech.

    15) What are the side effects of dental crowns?

    As with any medical treatment and other interference with human body, there is risk of occurrence of side effects, which includes, the possibility of infection, allergic reaction, shifting of the crown. Right after the crown treatment there might occur sensitivity to hot and cold foods, tenderness of gums, discomfort when chewing.

    Each of the above mentioned symptoms should be consulted with a dentist. Dental crown treatment in Europe is covered by the warranty, so any side effects are fixed without additional cost.

    16) What is the recovery time after the dental crown surgery?

    For two to four hours after the dental crowns procedure, patients experience numbness in the mouth area.

    17) Will I need a root canal if I get a dental crown Poland?

    No, root canals are not required to have a crown, however, on the other hand, all teeth that have went through the root canal treatment should be crowned.

    Dental Crowns Poland reviews:


    Nice country, modern equipment!

    “I got Dr. Adam. He speaks English. He is very easy going and calm. He explains what he is going to do before he does it. The equipment is very modern, I live in Norway and I have never seen so high level on camera, x-ray, and laser thing for whitening. I broke a tooth which was root canaled so I had to have three visits. Ok, that is a lot of traveling, but treatment only cost about 3300 NOK. That is great considered Poland is such a nice country to visit.”

    Espen R., Norway

    Brilliant dental care

    Very satisfied with the whole experience. From initial inspection and quote, through to appointments, procedures and ending results. Will go back if i need anything further.

    R.F. Denmark

    Patient in dental clinic Poland

    Very satisfied with my dental travel to Poland!

    "Very satisfied with the whole experience. From initial inspection and quote, through to appointments, procedures and ending results. Will go back if i need anything further."

    Rick F.,

    Patient testimonial

    So grateful to have a perfect smile

    "I would like to thank you and all your team in Dental Travel Poland office for all your help on my trip. I am so grateful to have a perfect smile now and I know longer have to be self conscious of my teeth. You all helped me to achieve this and I could not have travelled over to Poland without the help from your company. I am forever grateful ☺ thank you for making our trip extra amazing. I will surely come back If I ever need any treatment in the future and I am recommending your services to everybody I know. Once again thank you all for being so kind and helpful."

    Yasmine Ipek, Ireland


    Best prices!

    “Very helpful and professional work, friendly atmosphere. I was very satisfied by the treatment and the follow up held by the clinic. The prices are satisfactory. “

    R.R., Netherlands


    Super quality dental care!

    “I have just arrived back home after treatment and holiday in Gdansk.(...) This is a place Dental Travel Poland can be proud of – which is an asset to the company.(...) Here you get super quality dental care to a most reasonable price. Also impressing is the English knowledge, especially as for the dentist that treated me(...)The clinic was beautiful and clean. It`s central, and easy to find. It`s definitely a clinic to recommend to anybody, and I would not hesitate to go there if I need treatment in the future. A big thank you to all of you!”

    Inger J.S., Norway

    smiling women

    High quality and great price!

    “I was really very pleasantly surprised by the quality of work provided- and also the price. He replaced some mercury fillings with white ones and it’s like I have new teeth! I would recommend this dentist very highly and it’s likely I will be returning next year for more treatment.”

    S.D., UK

    family - Copy (2)

    Perfect price offer!

    “Great treatment, no waiting list and perfectly price offer! Furthermore great team and fast mail answering!”

    K.D., Vienna

    family - Copy

    Ideal clinic in Szczecin!

    “I feel that the Clinic in Szczecin is absolutely ideal for patients needing quite extensive treatment, offering as it does a very peaceful stress-free environment with a very caring and helpful staff. I particularly appreciated being able to take another person with me.”

     R.A., UK

    man smiling

    High quality treatment in Gdank!

    “We would recommend Dental Travel and Treatment in Gdansk, Poland. Patrky and Dr Igor run a tight ship and one can enter with confidence that quality services promised will be delivered. Thanks again for your help in securing their services. The wife and I are 2 happy clients who will return again.”

    Tim, Southampton


    Low price professional dentist!

    "I had already booked a holiday with friends to Krakow. A friend suggested I look into dental care as I needed two fillings. I arranged it all easily by email before I went & got two fillings, for the price of one in Ireland! The dentist was lovely, fluent English & really professional.  It was done so quickly.  I’ll really recommend it!"

    E.B., Ireland

    smiling women - Copy

    Wonderfull experience in Krakow!

    “I would realy recomand this company for anyone looking for dental treatment.(...) We all need to spend money at the dentist. Why not spend the money in beautiful and friendly place, and get an hollidy included? For the price of just the treatment at home? In fact, I am so happy with the clinik, and the dentist, that I am considering getting veneers. Because in this way, I can afford them!”

    H.S., Norway

    Anette B., Nuuk, Greenland

    Best dental team!

    “Without hyperbole, I’ve hardly ever been treated so kindly and professionally, before. The staff was extremely helpful on all occasions, and went out of their way to accommodate us; the dental team was the best I ever encountered and their professionalism is outstanding; the location is fabulous.”

    C.E., Germany


    Helpful staff in Szczecin!

    “The staff at the clinic in Szczecin could not have been more helpful. It was an ideal spot for us as we were traveling in our motorhome and could park there in pleasant surroundings until the treatment was finished.”


    Julie Moncrieff

    Perfect stay!

    “I found Dental Travel Poland on a google search. I chose the Spa in Szczecin as I was travelling from the Shetland Islands with my daughter (...) The Manager Greg was fantastic, a real gentleman. The staff were very friendly, always smiling and making sure our stay was very comfortable. Anna my dentist was brilliant and I couldn’t be happier with my treatment! I would go back again in a flash!If anyone wants to phone me they are more than welcome!”

    Julie Moncrieff, Shetland Islands, Scotland

    smiling women

    Great service!

    “Great service – very cheap!”

    Kim A., Denmark

    S.F., France

    Excellent service and excellent treatment!

    “An excellent service and excellent treatment I would definitely recommend it.”

    P.B., UK


    The best company!

     “This is a good and better for patients I respect this company from the core of my heart. It is good company I pray for that doctor who treated me that day he is good dental doctor and a helper nurse they both treated nicely with me that day. I found this company is the best of all over the world about patients.”




    “I would like to thank DTP for their service and especially my representative Joanna Rojek. I am ever grateful for her professionalism, eagerness to help me and general kind attitude. (...) If in the future I need any more work done, I have no doubt in my mind that I will be using DTP again. As for the dentist himself, Leszek Kozlowski, he was extremely thorough, professional and his bedside manner was exceptional. I am very happy with his work, I LOVE MY NEW TEETH :)”

    Mitchell Clarke


    Friendly and professional staff!

    “DTP was extremely friendly and professional. I was provided clear instructions and maps to the clinic (and even a direct mobile number to communicate by SMS in case it was necessary). The dentist I was seen by spoke fluent english and overall was able to accomodate my very tight schedule (4 working days in Poland for a crown) without any difficulty.”



    Impressive prices!

    “I was very impressed with the communication and the price of the treatment. The clinic was very friendly and I got first class treatment from the dentist, who went beyond normal levels of servie to get my treatment finished. For example he used a taxi to get my impressions to the lab and came to work on his day off to fitmy bridge.”

    Matt Ayscough


    Excellent treatment, beautiful city!

    “My experience of this “dental tour” in Gdansk was beyond expectation with very helpful tour coordinator, taxi ride; (...) the best bit obviously is my fantastic experience with the dental care with very pleasant and caring dentist plus assistants. All the treatments were clearly explained and organised until the final treatment. Gdansk is a wonder city to visit too.I love it and will definitely return even without my tooth problem.”


    Lady T. Perskaja, Sweden

    Excellent service in dental clinic in Gdansk!

    “I found everyone in Dental Travel Poland very helpful and friendly. The service provided was excellent and every procedure was explained in detail. They also went out of their way to accommodate me with an extra appointment I needed within the short space of time that I was in Gdansk. I can highly recommend Dental Travel Poland.”

    Patricia Roe, Ireland


    Helpful and courteous staff!

    “Absolutely fantastic service. The staff were extremely helpful and courteous. The Dentist was great/ They arranged absolutely everything for me including transfers to and from the airport and everything was included in the price. I would definitely recommend your service to everyone I know. Should I need more dental work I will definitely come back. They could have charged me double and it still would have been cheaper then getting any Dental work done in London.”

    B.R., London

    Antonis T.,

    Fantastic service!

    “We could not have had any better treatment,the service was fantastic,we would recommend it to anybody,the dentist was just out of this world ,we could not believe you were in a dentist chair.”

    C.B., UK


    Excellent dental service!

    “Excellent service throughout by DTP staff. Very pleasant Dentist (and staff) very high quality of work with good materials and clean state of the art facilities. A surprisingly comfortable experience in a beautiful city. No problems whatsoever 18 months on.”

    K. Brown, UK

    S.D., UK

    Super dental treatment in Poland!

    “Excellent communication prior to visit, questions answered quickly and in a reassuring way. Great care on arrival making sure everything is well with the accommodation and being taken to the dentist. As for the treatment; just SUPERB. (...) For anyone considering this trip to get serious dental work done, THERE IS NOTHING TO FEAR. You will well looked after and there is help offer with other crisis during you stay too.”

    A.Szymanska, UK

    Paula T., Ireland

    Wholehearted recommendation!

    “My wholehearted recommendation of you, Dr. Kozłowski. You have obviously chosen the right profession. Probably the best dentist in Poland. Keep up the good work!”

    Ann, Crawley

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