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Bone grafting Poland - Bone Augmentation Abroad - costs, prices

Bone graft is a painless and simple dental surgery which often accompanies the installation of dental implants. If you had mouth infections or injuries, tooth extraction or periodontal gum disease, your jaw bone under your gum is no longer wide, dense or high enough to hold the implants. Then, the dentist recommends adding bone or a bone-like material to your jaw. Thanks to it, further jaw restoration treatments are possible.

5 reasons to come to Poland for bone graft procedure

1. Dental bone graft abroad allows you to get dental implants and improve your self-esteem

Bone augmentation allows for re-establishing lost jawbone. Thanks to it, you can have dental implants lasting even for a lifetime. Bone graft not only enables the installation of dental implants Poland but also significantly restores the jaw functionality, appearance and self-esteem because it makes considerable changes to the shape, size and appearance of dental ridge. For many people, bone grafting is the first step to a brand new smile.

One of our patients coming to Poland for the implant installation, Abdul said: “I couldn’t imagine a better care than I was given before and during my treatment. When I had consultation it turned out I needed to have bone grafting. To my surprise, I had it done within an hour just after consulting doctor! Four months later I completed treatment. I’m really thankful.”

2. Thanks to bone grafting in Poland you will get your bone structure rebuilt

There are several types of bone grafting, the most common of which are:

  • Autograft
  • Allograft
  • Xenograft
  • Synthetic bone graft

In autografting, your own bone is placed into your jaw. The doctor may suggest inserting a bone from your chin, hip or tibia. Allograft is a bone taken from a genetically similar organism, that is from other human. In xenografting, the surgeon inserts a bone from a genetically dissimilar organism such as bovine or porcine. Synthetic bone graft is becoming the leading type of bone grafting, here the doctor uses a synthetic biocompatible material as a replacement of a jaw bone. In Poland, surgeons always choose bone grafting type individually for each patient.

Priceusually included in price for implantation / from 200 GBP for bone graft alone
Length of procedure 1,5-3h
Required medical tests:CT scan / X-ray of teeth
Anesthesia local (if little bone is needed - e.g. for one implant), general (if a greater number of bone is needed - e.g. to install several implants)
Stay in the clinicnot necessary (unless the bone is inserted from the hip, usually for major jaw bone losses, then 1-2 days should be spent in the clinic)
Healing timein general - implant can be installed immediately, for major bone loss healing time is 6-9 months
Incisionssmall incision in the gum
Stay in Poland 2-3 days (bone graft and implant installation), 1-2 days (only bone graft)

 3. Bone reconstruction procedure in Poland is safe and done by professional dentists

Before the procedure, you need to do a CT scan of your teeth so that the surgeon can tell how much bone material is needed. The procedure of bone graft requires the local anaesthesia. The surgeon takes the the bone material from a donor area and makes necessary incisions, depending on which bone is grafted. In the jaw, the surgeon makes another incision in order to provide the access to a jaw bone where implant will be placed. After that, the surgeon anchor the bone graft with implant screws and close the incision with sutures. Patients might feel swelling and bruising after the surgery, but it is normal. Bone grafting surgery is highly effective, there are very few cases where the jawbone is not integrated with the bone graft.

 4. Price for bone grafting in Poland is much lower than in the UK or Germany

In Poland prices for dental implantation treatment usually, include bone grafting. Polish dentistry clinics are famous for astonishingly high quality, very experienced dentists with individual approach to patients. Prices for bone graft procedures in Poland are one of the most affordable in Europe, starting from € 247, while in the UK the prices start from € 500, in Ireland the average price is € 800.


 5. We will organize your travel and stay during your bone augmentation surgery in Poland

Your personal adviser will help you organize your flights and accommodation in Poland. As soon as you arrive, we will take care of you by providing you with a free taxi pick-up from the airport which will take you directly to the clinic or hotel. We also offer special all-inclusive packages – when you opt for it, you don’t have to worry about accommodation or transportation during your stay – we organize everything for you!

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