Top 6 Polish destinations to have dental implants performed

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Dentist in dental clinic in Poland

You have just decided to get teeth implants done abroad, but you still do not know which city to choose for the treatment? Searching the Internet and comparing different clinics takes too much time and frequently foreign clinics do not have English versions of their websites.

Dental implant treatment is very costly procedure in the UK, where you have to pay even £1,300 per implant. We compared the prices of various dental treatments with prices in the UK and as you might have noticed, it is possible to save up to 75% on dental treatment in Poland.

Therefore, Dental Travel Poland has decided to prepare a ranking of top 6 locations in Poland where dental clinics offer the most affordable prices and excellent quality of dental implants.

List of 6 dental clinics with the lowest prices of
dental implants in Poland

6. Dental Clinic in Poznan – implants from £450

Dental tourism in PoznanPoznan is a big city offering everything that any tourist might need. You can do shopping, sightseeing and relax in this wonderful city. On your must-see list you need to include the Archcathedral Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul and the whole of Ostrow Tumski island. Love shopping shopping? Visit Stary Browar Shopping Center.

Why choose dental clinic in Poznan:

  • The clinic is located in the city centre
  • Convenient opening hours 9 am to 8 pm
  • Dentists speak fluent English
  • Affordable prices of all the dental service

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5. Dental Clinic in Gdansk – dental implants from £390

danzig_krantor_gdansk_zurawGdańsk is one of the most beautiful cities in Poland and the most popular vacation destination in the country. Together with Sopot and Gdynia it forms a Tricity with very good public transport connections between the cities, so you will have a lot of sightseeing to do during your stay. Gdansk is located by the Baltic sea so you can enjoy the sun at the beach and even if you visit the city in cold seasons you won’t resist a nice walk along the coast.

Gdansk is also known as a city of the best dentists in Poland. There are many modern clinics and well-qualified professionals who do not limit themselves to the traditional methods but go beyond this with the latest innovations in order to satisfy our patients. Therefore, treatments such as dental implants are our specialization and the dentists are most proud of the effects of this kind of treatment. In this way they give patients a new smile.

More reasons to choose dental clinic in Gdansk:

  • English-speaking staff
  • The downtown location
  • Excellent air connection with other countries
  • Transport from the airport

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4. Dental Clinic in Katowice – teeth implants from  £388

1280px-karowice-mariacka-ueaThe fourth place on our list belongs to the city of Katowice. Although Katowice is known for its industrial history, it still has a lot to offer to the locals and tourists. You will find here a number of wonderful churches, cosy restaurants, interesting galleries, museums and parks.

But for our patients the most important is the dental clinic which offers very affordable prices for dental treatments in Katowice:

– Implant ALPHA BIO (without crown) from £388
– Crown on implant from £258
– Bone Reconstruction (per unit) £301

Dental  implants treatment in Katowice:

  • includes a free dental consultation
  • is performed under local anesthesia.
  • may replace one, a few or all the missing teeth


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3. Dental Clinic in Lodz – implants from £299

lodzLodz is a wonderful city for a few-day vacation time. You can spend great time walking along the city streets and admiring the unique architecture.The place you must visit is the Museum of Cinematography. In Lodz you will find also a lot of parks to relax in the open air.

Dental clinic in Lodz also takes a high place in our implants ranking.

Why should you choose dental treatment in Lodz?

– free dental consultation
– dentists specialize in dental implantology
– modern dental materials and dental laboratory techniques.
– many types of teeth implants and crowns on implants to choose from
– long experience of the dentists
– the clinic location in the city center, convenient transportation for patients

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2. Dental Clinic in Krakow – implants from £295

krakow_rynek_02Krakow is one of the most attractive tourist cities in Poland. You don’t really need to visit many places there to feel the unique atmosphere of the city. It is just enough to have a walk along its magnificent streets and for sure you will desire to come back here in future. Don’t forget to visit its enchanting Old Town, with beautiful architecture and numerous museums, galleries and cosy restaurants.

The city offers also  a number of dental clinics, which makes it the best dental destination.

Our dental clinic in Krakow offers:

  • teeth implants in the lowest prices in Poland – you will pay only £296 for  an ALPHA BIO implant and the same price for a crown on the implant.
  • the procedures performed with the use of the most modern equipment, microsurgical instruments and high quality materials
  • free dental consultation and treatments plan
  • a long-term guarantee for patients
  • a full implant surgery with bone graft with the use of biomaterials or  own-bone transplantations.


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1. Dental Clinic in Warsawdental implants from £490

warszawa_widok_na_stare_miastoWarsaw is the capital of Poland and offers numerous tourist attractions and entertainment. Places you have to visit in Warsaw: the Palace of Culture and Science, the Museum of the Warsaw Uprising and the Museum of the History of Polish Jews. If you are not interested in history and museums go to the Copernicus Science Centre which provides a lot of educational fun for both children and adults. Warsaw is also full of restaurants and bars offering Polish and foreign cuisine.

Furthermore, the city offers many modern dental clinics and qualified dentists in Warsaw.

The advantages of dental treatment in Warsaw

  • Friendly and professional dental clinic staff
  • Qualified dentists in various fields of dentistry: implantology, oral surgery, cosmetic dentistry, prosthetics, endodontics, periodontics and orthodontics.
  • Top-quality equipment and materials used in the treatment
  • The clinic location in the central area of the city with convenient access by public transport or by car
  • The clinic adapted for the disabled
  • Multilingual staff

Steps of implant treatment in a clinic in Warsaw

  • On the first visit the dentist collects information about our health and examine the oral health and hygiene. They are also radiological tests allowing the evaluation of bone conditions.
  • If there are no contraindications an implant surgery can be performed. The implant is placed in the bone in the right place and position.
  • After 3-6 months it is time for prosthetic reconstruction. Dentist reveals the implant and collected imprints of in the final prosthetic crown.


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