Top 6 cities to get dental implants in Poland

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Poland is one of the main destinations in medical tourism. Dentistry patients from all over the world come to Poland to have their dental treatment done both at affordable price and in a high-standard dental office. Implantation is one of the most frequently chosen dental treatments by our patients from abroad. We offer not only best prices for teeth implants in Poland, but also most modern and well-equipped dental clinics, considerably experienced dentists, implantologists, and oral surgeons. All top cities below attracts millions of tourists from abroad every year, so they are perfect places for combining dental treatment with holidays and relaxation.

Most affordable prices for dental implants in Poland:

6. Dental Implants Lodz

If you are looking for the most affordable prices for dental implants abroad, Lodz is a perfect city to come to. Clinics in Lodz offer the cheapest dental implants in Poland, at the same time meeting the high standards of dental services. The price for an implant in Lodz starts from 332 GBP, which makes this city one of the main destination for medical tourists interested in dental implants abroad.



5. Dental Implants Poznan

Poznan is a city in Western Poland, close to the German border. The dental clinic there offers high quality of dental implant treatment performed by very experienced implantologists, prosthodontists, and oral surgeons. This city is most frequently chosen by the German wanting to perform affordable dental implant procedure abroad.



4. Teeth Implants Wroclaw

Dental clinics in Wroclaw are famous for their devoted and highly experienced implantologists, whose expertise is appreciated by specialists from abroad. The price for a dental implant in Wroclaw starts from 520 GBP. Regardless of the brand, implants have a long-lasting (even a life-lasting) warranty. Wroclaw was a European cultural capital in 2016, hence between the visits in your dental clinic, you should discover this wonderful city! You may opt for our all-inclusive package, thanks to which you don’t have to worry about a hotel and transfers during your stay. The international airport in Wroclaw offers numerous direct flight connections, e.g. with Norway, the UK, Germany, Sweden or Spain.


3. Teeth Implants Gdansk

Dental implants in our clinics in Gdansk have very competitive prices. The cheapest price for a teeth implant there is 430 GBP. What distinguishes dental clinics in Gdansk is the advanced laboratory and office equipment, as a result of which the implantation is not only cheap but also really fast procedure. Gdansk is a charming city situated by the Baltic Sea with a marvelous Old Town and many touristic spots.


2. Dental Implants Krakow

Krakow is the most popular touristic destination in Poland offering unique historical, cultural, and entertaining attractions. Our clinics in Krakow belong to one of the most modern equipped ones in Poland and provide the patients with highly professional dental services. The prices for teeth implants there are one of the cheapest in Poland. Your treatment plan will be suited to your expectations, needs, and budget. If you want to combine dental treatment and holidays, Krakow is the best city to visit!



1. Dental Implants Warsaw

Dental clinics in Warsaw offer extraordinarily high standard of services provided by widely renown implantologists. In Warsaw, we offer a huge variety of implant brands, hence effortlessly our dentists will provide you with dental implants within your budget. We cooperate with clinics in various districts, so patients may choose the most convenient location for having their dental implants in Warsaw. The additional asset of Warsaw is located near 2 international airports, as a result of which dental clinics in Warsaw welcome numerous patients from all over the world. If you want us to organize not only your treatment but also your stay, you may buy our all-inclusive package.


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