How to make your teeth whiter?

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First of all: Appropriate brushing

As dentists in Poland say, not everyone has perfect teeth, but there is no excuse for yellow, neglected teeth! Of course, the enamel shade is genetically determined, but dentists are unanimous about the fact that it is not nature, but regular cleaning and beauty treatments are the key to healthy teeth.

You will not have a beautiful white smile without brushing. This remark seems to be trivial , but it is surely true.  You should wash your teeth three times a day – after each meal. The hygienic treatment takes only three minutes and should come to us as a habit.

It is recommended to clean the teeth in the direction from the gums to the teeth , the toothbrush should be carried out in a circular , vibrating motion at an angle of 45 degrees. Scrubbing the teeth horizontally and applying too much pressing causes teeth damage.

The key is brushing teeth in the evening just before going to bed at night because decreases by half the production of saliva , and the pH in the mouth changes from neutral to acidic , which in turn creates ideal living conditions for the bacteria inhabiting the mouth. So, don’t forget to brush your teeth, as it may be harmful in the long run!


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