Teeth grinding

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Statistics are shocking – about 20% of adults grind their teeth! Most grind so hard that they are at risk for permanent tooth damage, as dentists in Poland say.

Here is how to protect your teeth:

  • Recognize early symptoms such as chipped teeth, jaw pain, gum sensitivity, earaches, headaches, especially those that occur just after you wake up. At night you may be making clicking noises during sleep. If that’s the case, call your dentist right away.
  • Relieve your stress. Try out regular meditation, deep breathing, or exercises and enjoyable hobbies.
  • Don’t forget to wear your mouth guard. This prevents you fromgrinding your teeth all night.
  • Lower the amount of alcohol and caffeine. They will only make your grinding problem worse.
  • Try to learn how not to grind. During the day try some exercises such as losening your jaw to avoid grinding.

Dental treatment in Poland is modern and advanced, so it’s high time to visit your dentist and have a dental check-up…just in case!


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