How to take care of your teeth after all on 4 abroad

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all on 4 implantsThe all-on-4 procedure abroad requires two stages and the first one is our main concern in this article. After your implantation, the dentist will probably tell you what medication to take and how to take care of your implantation site. However, we understand that with all the stress and excitement you may forget what were the instructions. This article will help you get through first few weeks after the all-on-four procedure and it will remind you what you need to do to achieve best results.

Bleeding after all-on-four

All-on-four abroad is a surgical procedure. The first stage involves implant installation and after this minimal bleeding should be expected. To help with this bleeding you can use wet gauze that you should place on the implantation site and gently bite for around 30 minutes. You can repeat this until the bleeding stopped. Another thing to expect is blood stained saliva and it can be noticed by you for 2-3 days after the procedure. If you have any bleeding problems after that time, you can contact your dentist to make sure that everything is okay.

Swelling after all-on-4 Poland

When you go out of the dentist’s office, you will not be all swollen up. The swelling will be visible 24 hours after the implantation procedure and it may bother you for around 7-10 days. To ease the swollen areas you can use ice packs. Put the ice to the outside of you face for about 20 minutes and then wait another 20 minutes before applying ice packs again.


All-on-4 in Poland is a procedure that comes with a little bit of pain afterward. Your dentist will suggest taking painkillers for a few days after the implantation procedure, just to help you with oral pain. Also, you may need antibacterial mouth rinse, which you will need to use twice a day for two weeks after the all-on-four procedure. Another medicine that will be prescribed by the dentist is antibiotics to make sure you will not get your implantation site infected. The pain should go away few days after the procedure, so just make sure your gums are healing correctly.

Diet after all-on-4 abroad

All-on-4 procedure usually is done with local anesthesia, so after the procedure, when your mouth is still numb, you should avoid eating and drinking hot meals or beverages. It may be a little painful to chew for a few days after the procedure, so we recommend shakes or smoothies to fill up your stomach. For 6 weeks after the procedure, that patient should chew only soft foods (potato, carrot, pasta etc.) If the food can easily be cut with a fork then you can eat it.

Physical activity after all-on-4 procedure

Usually, two days after the procedure you should restrain from physical activity. After 48 hours, if everything is okay, you can go back to your normal routine.

The first stage of all-on-four procedure is a surgical one and after the implantation procedure your gums will have sutures on them and they may resemble an open wound. That is why it is very important to take good care of the implantation site and minimize the risk of infection that may lead to implant rejection. Follow your dentist’s advice and instruction and you will be alright!


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