You may be surprised of what may harm your teeth

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It seems you know what to do to take good care of your teeth. But many people don’t know about the harmful some things may have on our teeth. Dentists in Poland warn us that in the list of enemies to a beautiful, healthy smile most certainly is snacking between meals. When you consume a particular food, your body produces the right amount of saliva to clean the mouth. While snacking, secretion of saliva is less effective, and food debris is just waiting to contribute to the formation of dental caries.

Another nightmare for your teeth are all sweetened drinks. They contain huge doses of sugar, which can lead to dental problems. In addition, the chemicals in these beverages destroy enamel and irritate teeth.

Although swimming has in itself a very positive influence on health, the chlorine contained in the water may cause discoloration of the enamel.

Keep in mind though, that any loss can be successfully treated, dental treatment in Poland is at a very high level, so in case of problems, make an appointment with one of our dentist!


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