Solutions for a beautiful smile

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White and beautiful teeth are today an extremely valued asset. They add charm and confidence. Dentists in Poland say there are many methods today that allow you to get the desired smile.

Cosmetic dentistry – modern cosmetic dentistry is to improve the aesthetics of the smile, such as porcelain veneers . These are permanent dentures used to cover the outer surface of upper and lower teeth . They allow both to change the color of the teeth ( by covering discoloration ) and correct the tooth aesthetically (through its elongation, shortening , widening or narrowing ) or close gaps between teeth . They are made entirely of porcelain – without the metal frame , and therefore allow you to get excellent aesthetic effect.

Tooth restoration – An alternative to traditional composite restorations is inlay or onlay. These are the fillings of a tooth crown done in case of a large loss in the tissues. They allow accurate reconstruction of the tooth with the correct occlusal anatomy , proper restoration of contact points . They are both durable and aesthetic. They are made in a dental laboratory based on the collected impressions . The rebuilt tooth looks natural and meets their functions with precise anatomical reconstruction .

Desirably white teeth – The effect of white teeth can be successfully obtained by subjecting them brightening treatments . Progress in this area is so large that the methods that currently offered in dental offices can be considered completely safe for teeth. Try professional teeth whitening in Poland .


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