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Can smokers have dental implants?

Posted Posted by bartosz.prokopowicz in Blog     
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smiling girl with implantsDental implants abroad is one of the most popular procedures for smokers. The reason is that the smokers mouth and teeth are much more affected than in the case of a non-smoker, so in many cases, they need more treatment. The thing is, at the same time any surgical procedure requires from a patient a moderately healthy lifestyle, and one of the most important requirements is to stop smoking at least for 2 weeks before the dental implants abroad.

Teeth implants if you smoke

There are many reasons why so many smokers need a dental treatment. First, as their teeth tend to be yellow or gray and with decolorization on the inside of the teeth. So it is common to undergo whitening or replacement procedure. The second thing is that smokers have more stale blood and there is less oxygen in their blood. This means that the tissues of gums may be less healthy and heal slower, than in the case of a non-smoker. Smokers usually have more problems with gum diseases such as periodontitis. The unhealthy gum is the first step to unhealthy teeth and tooth loss. Finally, it is common for a smoker to avoid contact with a doctor. Smoking is very dangerous for health and many people don’t want to hear any bad news from a specialist. In case of a visit to the dentist, there is also a fear of bad breath, which is pretty common for a smoker. So all these factors are some reasons for why there might be a greater need of teeth implants if you smoke.

Success rate of dental implants

The overall success rate of dental implants is high. At the same time, it is important to know that smoking is one of the factors that can jeopardize the result. There is evidence that smoking can harm an implant’s integrity or cause them to fail much more than in the case of the patients that are non-smokers. Even a few days of non-smoking can make a difference, especially in the crucial time of healing itself. So even if quitting for real is not an option, it is advisable to stop or strongly reduce the consumption of tobacco in the twelve weeks before the procedure.

Problems with dental implants

For the smoker, the problems with dental implants might be bigger than for a regular person. For example, there is a bigger risk of an infection, which can be harmful at any stage of a healing process. Other problems with dental implants may include worse implants integrity and problems with healing. Healing would be overall slower, which mean that You may feel discomfort for longer. One study from a leading Spanish university suggests, that while for a non-smoker the implants fail ratio is just 1,4 %, for a smoker it is almost 16 %.

Risk of dental implant failure

As we can see from an example above, the risk of dental implant failure can be approx. 13 times bigger in case of smokers, than in case of non-smokers. This is just one example, but most of the medical community agree, that in case of other factors such as healing time and results, the ratio may be similar. It is important to know, that the experienced doctor will assess the risk before the operation and decide whether or not he or she will take the risk and is it possible to have safely dental implants in this case. If in his opinion it is too risky to have implants in case of a serious smoker, the doctor can decide to not perform the procedure. So for safely dental implants, it is important to stop smoking not only right before the operation, but before the first visit at a dental office to improve the overall health, as well as gum and teeth health. Some doctors suggest that smokers have a more dry mouth as the smoke destroys their salivary glands, which makes the operation harder to perform correctly. Others add that while the titanium screw must fuse with the bone through the process of osseointegration, in case of someone who smokes heavily in the first three weeks after the operation the process may be blocked. Of course, every day of non-smoking is important, but it is important to know that apart from the first weeks of healing, it can be months for an implant to be fully screwed on the right place of the jaw. On every stage of the process, smoking can harm it. The patient must also have realistic expectations – it is possible to have complications even after quitting, if before the patient smoked for tens of years. On the other hand even after a few hours or days from the last cigarettes the body functions improves, so it is never too late to stop.

Before the cheap teeth implants

The recommended minimum is 6 weeks prior cheap teeth implants installation and 6 weeks after. If this is impossible, it is advisable to reduce the tobacco consumption as much as one can. A person can’t take on too big of a task in days prior to the operation. It is possible, that having dental implants in Poland will result in some stress because of changing a scene and also the doctor visits, which smokers tend to avoid. So this last days before the operation are not the best to start quitting, as the overall stress and therefore the risk of a failure is much higher. If You see Your dental implants as an investment, it may be easier to stop smoking when You think of the risk of jeopardizing the result. Complications mean more cost, and further tooth decay (which will for sure happen due to smoking tobacco) means other procedures in the future.

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