When sinus lift and bone graft Poland are needed?

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Dental Implants LodzBone graft and sinus lift, that are almost the same procedures. Both are used in case when a patient, who is willing to have implants installed, has the lack of bone. These are essential procedures to complete implantation. Some people do not have enough healthy natural bone to support dental implants. Without them patient may not have implants installed at all. Below you may check some informations regarding sinus lift abroad and bone graft Poland.

What is bone graft Poland?

A bone graft is the procedure of addition of bone in order to increase the volume of bone in the jaw (place where patient will have dental implant Poland installed).

There are many types of bone graft procedure, below you may check the most frequently chosen by patients and dentists:

  • Autograft – bone used for procedure is taken from the patient’s own body.
  • Allograft – bone used for procedure is taken from a genetically similar organism
  • Xenograft – bone used for procedure is taken from a genetically dissimilar organism
  • Synthetic – bone used for procedure that is synthetic biocompatible material

Depending on the patient’s situation, bone grafts may be placed at the same time as an teeth implant, or before the implant.  For our patients from abroad , dentists perform bone graft just before implantation. Dentist will inject bio bone and then immediately install implant.

There are some reason for lack of bone in jaw:

  • Gum diseases
  • Tooth development defects
  • Wearing dentures for a long time
  • An injury of face
  • Any traumas, or accidents

What is sinus lift Poland?

A sinus lift procedure is surgery that adds bone to your upper jaw in the area of your molars and premolars. Mentioned area of molars or premolars that is actually area of sinuses, which are located above teeth, on either side of your nose. It is used when there is no enough bone height in the upper jaw, or the sinuses are too close to the jaw, so implantologist has no space to install implant.

There are several reasons for lack of bone in sinus area:

  • Lack of molars or premolars for a long term
  • Periodontal (gum) disease.
  • Each sinus varies from person to person. So you might have larger than normal sinus.

Sinus lift procedure remains the same as bone graft procedure. The bio bone is injected into sinus, then implants are installed.

When sinus lift and bone graft procedures are needed?

In general sinus lift and bone graft are needed to start one tooth replacement, fixed multiple tooth replacement, mini implants, overdenture, all on 4 Poland, all on 6, or any other full jaw replacement procedures in Poland.

What are the prices for sinus lift and bone graft procedures in Poland?

The price for bone graft and sinus lift depends individually, as the main cost is the bio bone which must be injected. In many cases price is given after procedure, as only after injection implantologist may count the quantity of bio material which was used. General price for bone graft is 2500 PLN which is 500 GBP or 600 EUR. To receive more details contact our consultants.


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