The revolutionary solution in dental implantology – Zygomatic implants in Poland.

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Zygomatic implants in LodzDental implants in Poland are the most popular dental service among patients traveling for dental treatment abroad. This kind of dental procedure is the best option to replace missing teeth. Teeth implants are titanium elements embedded in the bone, which replace the tooth root. The reconstructed on the implant works and looks just like a natural tooth. 

In the following article we would like to present the latest solutions in the field of dental implantology – zygomatic implants, which are available in our Dental Clinic in Poland. Dentists in Poland  are able to perform this procedure in only one day. This is possible thanks to our own prosthetic laboratory. The Implants can be installed in the morning and in the evening it is possible to place the temporary dental bridge or dental crown in Poland.

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Zygomatic Implants are a real revolution in modern dentistry. Patients with extensive jawbone atrophy have always been a challenge for implantologists, but thanks to zygomatic implants skilled dentists in Poland are able to fix a smile even in the case of patients with complete toothlessness. This type of implant procedure enables you to dispense with complex surgical procedure like extensive bone graft which is usually taken from the hip and involves several days at hospital. There is also a possibility of the immediate installation of dentures or dental bridges on the implants.

The effectiveness of the treatment is 98.5%!

The lack of implant stability was observed in the case of only one patient. The study was conducted on 42 patients whose average age was 57.5.

How do the zygomatic implants work?

This unique alternative in dental implantology is especially addressed to patients who have been told that they cannot have dental implants in the upper jaw due to the lack of the bone. Zygoma implants technique has been developed by professor Branemark approximately 15 years ago in Sweden.

Zygomatic Implants are longer than the standard ones and have the length of 30 to 52.5 mm. They are placed in the lateral sections in the area of the jaw zygomatic arch as support for fixed restorations. During the procedure, they are incorporated into the cheekbone at a sufficiently large angle, thanks to that the prosthetic restoration of one dental arch can be based entirely on only two implants. And as for patients with complete toothlessness, the implantation can be carried out by using “All-on-4” method, during which only four screws are used to keep the prosthetic restoration. Due to the excellent stabilization of the implant, dental bridges, dental crowns or dentures can be installed immediately after the implantation of zygomatic implants. If your individual case requires waiting for the healing time to be completed, you can have the prosthetic restoration installed after 12 weeks.

Zygomatic and standards implants Zygomatic implants in Lodz

The zygomatic implants procedure is available under general anesthesia in Poland with full monitoring of the heart rate.

The availability of the zygomatic implants in our dental clinic in Poland  is a big asset to attracting patients from abroad. Dental tourists from Germany, Sweden, Norway, Ireland and the UK are increasingly choosing dental clinics in Warsaw or dental clinics in Krakow and other destinations in Poland for their dental treatment. They are encouraged by affordable prices and excellent reputation of Polish implantologists.

Zygomatic implants’ prices

Zygomatic implants are characterized by top quality and they are an excellent solution for all the people who do not want to spend huge amounts of money on long and arduous dental treatment. They are also hope for patients with complete toothlessness. This solution is very effective as far as the shortening of the treatment time is concerned. However, the numerous advantages of this treatment make the price for zygomatic implants higher than for the standard ones.

The approximate price for zygomatic implant treatment ZYGOMA QUAD in our dental clinic in Lodz is around €9,600 (£6,700). The price, depending on the patient’s needs, includes: 4 zygomatic implants (for upper jaw) or 2 zygomatic implants and 4 standard (Nobel Implants)  and general anesthesia. The cost of implants All-on-4 for the mandible (lower jaw) it is €7200 (£5000) in dental clinic in Lodz.

More prices:

Dental implants from: €548 ( £388 )

Crown on implant from:    €384 (£271)

For comparison, the cost of such a treatment in the UK is around € 17200- € 24300 (£ 12000 – £ 17000)


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