Should I repair a broken crown myself?

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girl with broken dental crownThe perfect scenario would be that people never experience any dental issues. Even in a just a little less than perfect scenario, any problems that do occur could be repaired and just simply ignored. Sadly, the reality is not a perfect scenario and so dental issues can appear at any given time. It is unfortunately common that root canal treatments are needed, teeth crack or break, tooth decay occurs, dental implants fail, bridges break, temporary crowns fall out or permanent crowns abroad break. Safe dental crowns in Poland are a type of prosthetic dentistry. They are caps, which are attached over the teeth, to serve esthetic purposes or in order to protect them or to restore their shape and size after other dental work performed.

Is dental crown solid?

Dental crowns abroad are divided into two types: permanent and temporary ones. They can be made of different materials, such as composite, full porcelain or even gold. All of them are a great and durable solution to restore the damaged teeth, strengthen them and make your smile beautiful again. Teeth crowns abroad can perfectly cover any destructions or weaknesses, which have occurred due to the lack of proper dental care or due to the correction of other teeth issues.

Dental crowns in Poland are also commonly used to coat any discoloration, cover a cheap dental implant or to restore broken teeth. Crowns abroad are very safe and long-lasting, they are a very effective way to cure many dental problems, however, just like any man-made solution, they are not completely damage-proof, so it can happen that they can break or fall out. Every person who has had it happen knows that feeling – painful, harsh and ragged effect produced by the missing or broken dental crown. In such cases, the repairing of the crown is needed as quickly as possible, however as crowns can get damaged at any time, a prompt repair is not always possible.

What causes damaged dental crown?

Just as your natural teeth, crowns made in Poland are extremely strong and highly resistant to any damage, but not insurmountable. It can happen that you have bitten down on something too hard, like a nut, ice cube or an unpopped popcorn kernel, and your crown could not take that sudden pressure. Also clenching your teeth or grinding them adds the pressure put on the crown, which can lead to it’s cracking or breaking.
Another simple cause of a broken crown can be just its age. With a proper dental care, the crown abroad should last up to 15 years. However, if your teeth crowns are getting old, the may start to wear off. Everyday use of the teeth may lead to an initial small crack, which expands over time when it finally comes to a point that you notice it. That small crack can become a large gap and even make the crown snap off entirely.
Dental crowns in Poland are made to be very durable and long-lasting solution, sometimes serving their purpose perfectly for the rest of your life. Although, the average crown longevity is between 5 to 15 years. As people get older, the crowns get older, and so they can become weaker, ending up with a chipped crown or a broken one.
The final cause of any dental crowns problems can be the material being used to produce it. Every material has its own advantages and many people decide on composite crowns in Poland, as they are very cheap, but in fact not that strong. The most secure option is to go for the porcelain or porcelain fused to metal crowns, which can give you a natural look and good resistance to any damage.

Can I repair dental crowns by myself?

In a case when your dental crown abroad chips or breaks, it is quite understandable that you may have an urge to try to repair it by yourself, reasoning it to save money and time. Internet research may give you lots of “do it yourself” solutions, such as using Super Glue. However, those kind of actions are not only ineffective but most importantly very dangerous to your oral health. Super Glue is bonding very well to nonporous surfaces. Unfortunately, the natural tooth is a highly porous exterior. It means that it would be very hard to glue the crown to the tooth. Your crown may adhere and stay in place for a short time, but for sure it will soon fall off again. Additionally, the chemicals used in the Super Glue may leak through and kill the inside of your tooth, which may cause bigger problems. The tooth will require the root canal treatment, but in the end, you may even lose your tooth anyway. Also, it is quite easy to accidentally put the Super Glue on your gums or lips, which will make them stuck together.

In case of a broken crown or any other issue related to it, you should visit your dentist. The crucial factor when it comes to keeping the crown in the right place is shaping and fitting. For this reason, professional dentists are using cement, not glue.

Dentistdentist who repairs broken crowns

Dental Crown Repaired by Dentist

Repairing a dental crown is highly dependant on the size and the gravity of the damage. It is very common that in most cases, your dentist can just smooth out and reshape the dental crown in Poland. The doctor can smooth out the crown surface or apply some amount of resin. However, if the break or crack is more severe, the specialist can advise you to remove the failing crown and replace it with a new one. Our Team is ready to help you make that procedure affordable and keep the cost of the crown as low as possible.

In general, a chipped dental crown is not an emergency, unless it’s edge is cutting into the mouth causing much of a discomfort. Our dentists do our best to help our patients in need, so we will do everything to schedule an appointment for you as quickly as possible.

If you have had an unfortunate accident with a broken crown or have any more questions about repairing crowns – feel free to contact our Patient Advisors! They are always here, ready to help you!


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