Removable vs. Permanent Teeth on Implants

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two people with permanent dental implants smilingEach dentist will say that the best patient is well-educated patient. Before coming to the dentist office, before sitting in a dental chair it is best to know all options, know own needs expectations regarding dental treatment results. Sometimes one hour of a dental visit is not enough to understand the dental solution, that is also very little time to take the decision, find out pros and cons of suggested dental treatment. Patients who require full jaw replacement, sometimes do not have the idea that full jaw replacement might be performed with removable and nonremovable dental treatment. Below you will find more details regarding permanent teeth on the implant and removable dental prosthetic based on implants.

Permanent Implants

Permanent dental implants are most frequently performed treatment Poland. Procedure basis on the surgical installment of titanium dental implants.

Nonremoval dental treatment includes:

  • all on 4 treatment
  • all on 6 procedure
  • all on 8 treatment
  • permanent bridge on porcelain fused to metal crowns/ full porcelain crowns/ zirconia crowns


Each procedure has the same scheme regarding implant installation. For a first visit, doctor installs four, six, or eight implants with healing rings. The temporary bridge or temporary denture is performed. In case of the patient has some remaining teeth, extraction is performed before implantation. Each procedure requires titanium implants with the lifetime warranty. Dental restoration material and quantity of implants put.

Removable Implants

Removal dental implant solutions are more affordable than permanent implant treatment. That is why many patients decide to perform them. Removable, non-permanent treatment include overdentures or click on dentures. For both treatments, the dentist will install from 2 to 4 titanium, biocompatible cheap dental implants with the lifetime warranty, as well. Best cheap dental implants are installed to support overdenture. Overdenture is settled on the implant. That is why it does not move while smiling while eating. Removable overdenture Poland is more comfortable than standard acrylic/ plastic/metal dentures which are easy to slip out of jaw. Patients with removable overdenture are more confident while everyday activities, more relaxed while relatives or friends meeting, in the restaurant especially.

Factors determining the choice

Most of the patients know that they want new arch of teeth, but do not have specific expectations. It is always very good to have the budget prepared, the patient should know how much may spend on removable implants or permanent dental implant in Poland. What, is more patient should be aware that removable teeth on implants require some special care. Teeth, I mean overdenture should be taken out every night and cleaned carefully. Nowadays on market, there are many special kinds of toothpaste designed for overdentures. Normal toothpaste may scratch and grind teeth surface. Patients with the permanent implant, should treat and take care of teeth the same as they do with natural teeth. So it is necessary to clean teeth twice a day, floss teeth and flush mouth with antibacterial mouthwash. Permanent dental implant recovery is similar to removal dental implant recovery, both last about one week.

Longevity of the teeth

When it comes to teeth longevity we need to know the difference between dental implant longevity and tooth restoration (porcelain fused to metal crowns / full porcelain crowns/ zirconia crowns/ acrylic overdenture/ composite overdenture)

Dental implant well healed and installed is said to be the lifetime. Of course, patient should be good oral health. It is very rare for the implant to fall out. Implantation success rate is equal 98,8%.

Longevity of dental prosthetic restoration (teeth):

  • acrylic overdenture will last at least 7 years
  • composite overdenture is said to last 5 years
  • porcelain fused to the metal crown will last 15 years, but after some time crowns may become chipped and worn with shades of inside’s metal
  • full porcelain crown should remain 15 years
  • zirconia crowns, which are the most aesthetic, natural crowns will look fantastic from 16 to 20 years

Maintenance and Repair

Regarding maintenance, each patient with implant injected should attend yearly check-up visits at implantologist. Follow up visits help to exclude inflations, bacterial diseases, gum treatment which may occur around the dental implant. Any disease around the implant may lead to damage to the bone structure, which leads to implant removal. Repairs are simpler with non-removable dental solutions, as overdenture might be easily taken out and corrected or fitted by the dental specialist. Any corrections for permanent dental prosthesis require removal whole 14 unit teeth bridge, which is more complicated.

Number of missing teeth

Permanent dental implants may be installed only for the toothless patient. All teeth should be extracted before permanent dental implant procedure Poland. Extraction might be performed 3 months before planned implant installation date, or dentist may extract the tooth and install implant the same time (it is called immediate implantation). With removable teeth on the implant, the patient should also extract all teeth from the jaw. There is an option to have partial overdentures, in some cases, when patient teeth are really healthy dentist might suggest partial overdenture based on the implant. Both solutions typically are designed for the full arch of teeth which may cover 12 teeth or 14 teeth, the quantity of teeth depends on patient needs or implantologist suggestions.

soft bone tissue

Soft Tissue and Bone Support

In both, removable and permanent full jaw replacement, the patient needs strong bone support. In case of the patient has bone loss, bone graft injections or sinus lift might be needed to continue dental implantation. Bone loss is often for patients who have been toothless very long time, bone loss has also individual and genetic reasons. But I have good news, bone graft/sinus lift might be combined with dental implant installation. So there would be no additional visits in Poland.

Cost of Removable and Permanent Implants

The cost of removable dental implants starts from 1999 GBP. Price includes treatment (2 implants, 2 healing rings, 2 abutments and overdenture), examinations, CT scan, local anesthetic, and stitches, as well. The cost of the permanent implant depends on the material of dental prosthetic, the most affordable is porcelain fused to metal crows. The price for all on 4 starts from 4999 GBP, it includes 4 implants, 4 healing rings, 4 abutments, 14 unit porcelain fused to the metal bridge on implants, and all consultation and examinations needed. To receive other mixed prices is best to contact us directly.

Dental tourism in Poland

Hope this article makes you more confident about your needs. If you still have questions regarding dental treatment or staying in Poland that is the best to call us or email us. Each patient is different, that is why there is no one universal answer what would be the best for you. Our consultant might advise you dental treatment based on your expectations or basis of your budget. The dentist might suggest your treatment based on your bone structure and general oral conditions. Feel free to contact us we would love to help you with any dental procedure in Poland.


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