What products can help us in the fight for the health of your teeth ?

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Apples, carrots, celery – naturally cleanse the teeth , help remove plaque .

Natural yoghurt – a rich source of calcium is beneficial for normal bacterial flora of the oral cavity thereby preventing harmful effects of bacteria.

Yellow cheese – a significant calcium content that plays an important role in the correct development of teeth.

Eggs – are an important source of magnesium , iron , iodine, and calcium .

Butter – contains fats that help to absorb vitamin D, which supports the maintenance of the proper development of teeth.

Fish – contain a lot of protein and calcium , are a large amount of vitamin D.

Coconut oil – may inhibit the development of caries , and yeast infections which are the culprit of the oral mucosa .

Water – drinking is the best way to wash out the bacteria and food debris .

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