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Patients in dental clinic Warsaw

“The dental clinic staff couldn’t have been nicer and overall service was top notch!” says Sigrun, when we contact her a few months after her last visit to Poland. Sigrun and her husband still warmly recall the time spent on the treatment in our dental clinic in Warsaw.
“We live in Iceland. I am 56 years old and together with my husband  we run a contractor company (with excavators and other heavy machinery). We are also the owners of the local gym and we are taking daily care of our business.”

There were several reasons why Sigrun and Einar decided to get dental treatments abroad. The first one: lower prices.  Sigrun admits that prices offered by Dental Travel Poland are very attractive and “unbeatable”. They also had some time restraints and prefered to have the treatment done in a few sessions. Finally, they wanted to get to know and fall in love with Poland. We had chosen Warsaw for our dental destination because Icelandic airline offers a direct flight there. And it was a great choice! Our treatment lasted about three weeks in total. Three trips were required, because we had a lot of cavities to repair. But it was not a problem,  we used to spend each visit to sightseeing monuments, enjoying good weather and exploring the countryside.”

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Prices in Warsaw

Dental clinic WarsawAs Sigurn mentions, her case required a comprehensive treatment in our dental clinic in Warsaw. She received several services from general dental treatments (root canal treatment, about five dental fillings and more than ten extractions), teeth implants and dental crowns in Poland.
The cost of her dental treatment was about €1100 (£867).

As for the treatment performed for Einar, it included: several dental fillings, repairing of a denture and a unit dental bridge.
Einar paid around €1050  (£830) for his dental treatment in Poland.

The travel, accommodation and dental treatment in Poland was the total expense of about  € 4730 (£ 3730), says satisfied Sigrun. This amount allowed our Patients to both improve the health of their teeth and spend a wonderful vacation time in beautiful Warsaw.

Sigrun and Einar are not only pleased with the prices but also with the quality of the services offered by Dental Travel Poland and the clinic in Warsaw. “I found Dental Travel Poland online and it popped up very fast in the Google search engine. The response came very soon with a good information and offer. The customer service process was professional and convenient. We had some trouble on the first visit with finding the location of the dental clinic, but after that there were no problems.”

Of course, there were some doubts before the arrival in Poland. The biggest concerns of our patients were related to the quality of the dental treatment, but Sigrun finally admits: My initial concerns referred the low quality of the treatment abroad, but soon I have found, how professionally we were treated and overall services was the best quality.”  There have been no complications or problems after the treatment in the dental clinic in Warsaw. And our Patients from Iceland are still in touch with Dental Travel Poland and they are happy to share their dental tourism experience with others.

Dental Travel Poland is very happy and proud that our dentists and staff have contributed to the improvement of the well-being and self-confidence of our patients.

Dental health is very important to one’s self-image. Yes, I feel and look better with my healthy teeth!” – Sigrun summed up.

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