Patient Stories – Jack`s dental implants procedure in Poland

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Jack from London contacted us almost one year ago, he emailed us because of front tooth infection. Due to work overload, Jack was unable to travel to Poland. He went to the local dentist in London, who informed the patient that the tooth can not be saved and to protect other, surrounding teeth he should remove the infected tooth. He decided to perform root canal too late. In May 2017 Jack extracted his front tooth. Jack had a problem because he was not financially prepared for implant in London. The total cost of treatment in London that was almost 2500 GBP.

The decision to come to Poland for dental implants procedure

“I had the missing front tooth, the large gap in the front! That was the disaster, cannot smile, talk, anything! I felt as if everybody stares at my missing tooth.” – comments Jack. He contacted us again, this time he sends enquiry of having the dental implant in Poland. Doctor Piotr Stępień who works with Dental Travel Poland suggested him implant with the full porcelain crown, which is the most natural teeth restoration material. Jack received individual treatment plan which was equal 1200 GBP for all dental treatment. In this case, one implant, one abutment, temporary crown, CT scan, and zircon crown was needed. “To be honest I did not have that money, I sold my iPhone, I knew that I need to fix my teeth, that was my biggest issue to start dental treatment asap!” He admits that he chose Dental Travel Poland because of competitive price and good references.

First visit

Over email Jack chose the suitable date, his patient coordinator suggested best flight tickets, booked airport pick up and accommodation. Jack has never been to Poland before, so he decided to buy the all-inclusive package, so our company might have covered his staying in Poland. “Of course I had some thoughts, that I will find cheaper accommodation and I will do it on my own… now I think that all-inclusive is cheapest option to stay in Poland, and you do not need to worry about anything” says Jack.

Jack for a first visit came to Warsaw for 2 days. His first day in Poland, he came directly from airport to clinic, where he had all dental examinations. While dental visit doctor suggested installing an implant and temporary crown. Next day, doctor installed him an implant and fulfill gap with the composite dental crown. The first stage of treatment was completed.

Second visit

Jack contacted us again some weeks before his scheduled second visit in Poland. He wanted to restore full arch of teeth. He did some saving and decided to renew front teeth.

During his second visit to Poland, he stayed 5 days in Warsaw. While his first appointment doctor performed x-rays to check if an implant is well healed. Everything was fine. Jack and his implant were ready to have a crown on the implant. Jack discusses the front teeth restoration with Doctor Piotr Stępień, who advised him full porcelain crown to cover some discoloration and chipped teeth. The doctor performed impressions and chose with Jack color of crowns. Jack had some crowns fitting meantime, doctor installed him abutment also and prepared front teeth to crowns placement. On Jack leaving day doctor installed him permanent crown on implant and rest of crowns. “My dreams came true! I have the nice and bright smile. Love it” he comments. “I saved more than 2000 GBP and visited Warsaw, such a great city! I am amazed by Polish dentist skills, clinic standard is 10/10. My dentist in London is also great, but can not afford his prices. I am pleased that I found Dental Travel Poland which helps me with almost everything. It is worth to trust in their experience and service. Thank you all!”


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