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Norwegians fell in love with Tri-City in Poland. According to them: “This is a very beautiful and cheap city”. They arrive at the weekends to spend money in restaurants, pubs, shopping malls, enjoy the spa and visit dental clinics to have dental implants procedure, teeth veneers or other dental procedure.

“I did not know much about Gdansk. It was a spontaneous decision. I and my partner arrived here for four days, just for fun. Many of our friends have travelled to Poland. We have just visited  Westerplatte and admired the architecture in Gdansk. I am impressed by the St. Mary’s Church” – said Marianne from Holmestrand.

Veronica and Kristin have visited Poland for the first time. They normally work as kindergarten  teachers in Vegarshei – a small town in south-eastern Norway. Gdansk was recommended by their boss. They stayed at the Hilton Hotel for four days. It was enough time for a tour of the Old Town, visiting several restaurants and pubs.

Direction: Gdansk
There are 10 air connections between Gdansk and Norway. From the Airport Gdansk we can travel to Trondheim, Molde, Alesund, Bergen, Stavanger, Stavanger, Kristiansand, Oslo-Torp and Oslo Rygge.

In 2013 the airlane Wizz Air carried on from Scandinavia to Gdansk over 750,000 passengers. A year earlier, the figure stood at 570,000. Such a large increase of tourists from Scandinavia is a very positive process. Based on observations of tourism organizations, we can say that this is not an one-time increase, but it  has become a trend. Poland has more and more visitors from Scandinavia, especially from Norway. And although they prefer tropical and exotic places for the summer time, Gdansk is a great destination for weekend in the low season.

What attracts tourists from Scandinavia?
In the first place is shopping in numerous shopping malls in Gdansk. More and more popular  among Norwegian women have arranged trips with  friends for shopping and visits to the local SPA. Tourists choose services like body massages, facials procedure, permanent make-up, manicure and pedicure. They often enjoy the hairdresser service too. They admit that our professionals and services in Poland are on a very high level.

Shopping and healthy smile? Why not?
A visit to Gdansk is also a great opportunity to take care of a healthy smile. Among the Scandinavians ever so popular is dental tourism. A visit to the dental clinic in Gdansk is the reason why Linn and her husband organised a trip.

“We have travelled to Gdansk with my husband, who spent a few hours in the dental clinic. I was shopping at that time. This is our third visit to Gdansk, previous trips were also associated with dental visits. Dental services in Poland are on a high level and prices are incomparably lower than in Norway” – explained Linn.

One of advantages of this city is the fact that the airport is located near the city centre. It is important for short and intensive stays.

Inger is also satisfied with the visit to Gdansk. She had chosen the dental services offered by  Dental Travel Poland- a company which helps to organise treatment for patients from Scandinavia, The UK, Ireland and more.

“I have just arrived back home after treatment and holiday in Gdansk. Everybody, from the  receptionist to the dentist were just NICE, from the minute you entered, you really felt welcome and taken care of. (…) Here you get super quality dental care to a most reasonable price. Also impressing is the English knowledge, especially as for the dentist that treated me. My impression is that language skills here on the whole are very good, which is a big pre when you are engaged in dental tourism. The clinic was beautiful and clean. It`s central, and easy to find. It`s definitely a clinic to recommend to anybody, and I would not hesitate to go there if I need treatment in the future. A big thank you to all of you!”

The increase in tourist attractiveness of Poland consists of several factors:
Firstly, many Poles have come to work in Norway. They promote our country and our service. We offer high-quality services and specialists at very affordable prices. Moreover, Poland is a natural partner for the Scandinavians in business. Over the past three years in the Tri-City their activities have located several Scandinavian companies, most of Finland and Norway. Finally, we offer not only shopping and services or business, but what Norwegians prefer – monuments and the attractive cities full of life.

We encourage you – visit Gdansk!

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