Everything you need to know about mini dental implants

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What is mini dental implant?

Mini dental implants are a solid one-piece screw with the ball-shaped end, which is less than 3 mm (1.8 mm to 3.3 mm), approximately the shape and size of mini implant is similar to a wooden toothpick. Mini implants are like normal/ standard/ conventional implants made of titanium. They are fully absorbed by human body, the rejection rate is only 2,3%. Mini implants are used to support dentures, replace missing teeth, especially are recommended for patients lack of bone.

Mini implants procedure

The mini dental implant procedure is faster and easier than the traditional dental implant procedure. Mostly, patients have the implants installed under local anesthetic, or sedation.  Mini dental implants Poland are placed into the bone where no sensory nerve endings are located. Mini implant procedure abroad results in very little discomfort after surgery and quick recovery times. Patients are always given antibiotics before and after the procedure to ensure any bacterial diseases or inflammation.

Mini implants advantages:

  • They are cheaper than standard dental implants
  • They are quicker and easier for the dentist to install
  • Patient with mini implants has quicker healing
  • Mini implants are so small, they are also narrow enough to fit into spaces between teeth where normal implants would be too big
  • They are so short, in many cases bone graft is not needed
  • Excellent for overdentures

Who is not good candidate for mini implants:

  • mini implants are small are not recommended to support a fixed bridge, as, they cannot take the weight or stress that normal implants can
  • mini implants are better for the lower jaw

Traditional vs mini implants

Mini dental implantMini dental implant
Sizeless than 3 mm4- 5 mm
Structuresingle unitimplant (post)+ abutment
Durabilitylife timelife time
Success of treatment98.8 %98.8 %
Pricefrom 250 GBPfrom 470 GBP

Mini implants restoration

Mini implants are excellent way to restore your smile. Dental travel Poland offers overdenture based on 4 mini implants.  The price for such a full jaw restoration in Poland starts from 1500 GBP! The price includes 4 mini implants and acrylic overdenture which cover 12 teeth.  Where restoration with standard implants starts from 2500 GBP.  Mini implants are 70% cheaper than in UK, or Germany. In Europe average price for mini dental implant is 600 GBP. Feel free to contact our consultants to ask for cheap dental treatment in Poland.


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