What metals are used in implantology?

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Nowadays in modern implants in Poland metals biocompatible with the tissues of the oral cavity are used. The elements of these include:

  • Titanium – silver-gray, very durable, lightweight and resistant to corrosion, in the form of titanium dioxide is also very resistant to chemical agents; irreplaceable as a base material for implants, you can use it in prosthetic treatment planning, it is used in the pure form or in the form of alloys of aluminum;
  • zircon – silvery-white element of the group of silicates, hard, well suited to perform restorations;
  • niobium – steel gray, soft and malleable, does not corrode;
  • vanadium – used as an alloy of titanium and aluminum;
  • tantalum – the alloys has a strong resistance to corrosion and adverse effects of chemical agents in the body fluids.

In implantology and prosthetics pure titanium is used, the rest of the metallic elements are used as an alloy. Titanium can also be used in the form of alloys.


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