What materials are used for all-on-4 procedure in Poland?

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The all on 4 is the most technologically advanced dental implant procedure. All on 4 Poland provides patients with a new set of teeth in both upper or lower jaws. Procedure is divided into to stages, two visits in Poland. Only in some cases, densit may replace your teeth on the same day. All on 4 Poland provides patients with a whole new set of teeth, the patient may choose between 10, 12 or 14 teeth replacement. To restore smile dentist is using only four implants per arch. Our experience and studies show, that all on 4 abroad has 98% success rate. Procedure is growing popular due to low affordable cost, natural appearance and high comfort of life with all on 4.

What is all on 4 Poland?

All on 4 Poland is designed for patients wearing dentures or with failing teeth.  The All on 4 system incorporates 4 implants supporting 10, 12, or 14 teeth in each jaw. Procedure in most cases is a graftless solution, as implants placed at exact angles in exact specified locations. Before all on 4 abroad patient should remove any remaining teeth. Between teeth removal and implants installation, patients and actual patient’s gum should have 3 months break. Implants installation is performed either under local or general anesthetic, sedation is available also. The patient’s new teeth, installed on implants, feel very much like natural teeth. What is more, new teeth look very lifelike and natural.

What are dental implants made of?

A natural tooth consists of a root and a crown. An implant tooth consists of the implant (root), abutment and crown on the implant. Both teeth consists a crown, also both has roots. The difference is that the implant is made of titanium – the same time-tested material used by surgeons for artificial joints. Titanium has been used for over 35 years and has proven to be the material of choice due to the long term success. What is more, studies shows the fact that titanium is very biocompatible material? Some implants are coated with Hydroxylapatite, so that they will integrate.

What are the prosthetic options for all on 4 procedure in Poland?

In our clinic patient may choose between acrylic or porcelain teeth. Find short comparison of both materials used for all on 4 abroad.

Advantages of acrylic teeth

  • the most affordable
  • cheap all on 4 procedure
  • easy to prepare/ create

Advantages of porcelain teeth

  • longer durability
  • more stain resistant
  • easy to clean
  • less like to stick
  • easy for oral hygiene
  • most esthetics
  • most natural appearance

Disadvantages of acrylic teeth

  • less durable
  • more susceptible to accidental breakage
    require regular polishing to maintain a consistent appearance
  • have to be replaced every 5 years

Disadvantages of porcelain teeth

  • not as cheap as acrylic

Feel free to contact our consultants to receive more details regarding cheap all on 4. Our sales team would love to organize your dental treatment, flight tickets, and accommodation while you are being in Poland. Contact us and tell us about your needs, expectation or budget and we will suit your dental treatment. We will provide you with email consultation and treatment plan. In our offer, you may find personal consultation also.


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