Mammals and teeth

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Dentists in Poland have a few facts about mammal teeth they would like to share.

Teeth are heavy and a lot of muscle strength to operate successfully. This fact has made an important contribution to the evolution of the mammal skull.

Mammals are heterodonts, which simply means that our teeth are different. Fish and reptiles have teeth that are all basically the same size and shape.

Mammals need their teeth to do various jobs such as grind, stab, scissor, dig, chisel, sieve and lift and so their teeth evolved differently.

Teeth are the hardest part of the mammal body and so they are most often fossilized. The number, size, placement and shape of teeth are different in every species. Without teeth fossils would be much harder to understand.

Mammals have two sets of teeth – they get the first set after birth, known as ‘milk teeth’ and as an adult they get a larger set, which has more and larger teeth to fill the bigger jawbones.


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