How to maintain a dental bridge?

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smiling woman with teeth crownsThose who have a missing tooth perfectly knows how it is difficult to communicate with each other, speak and even eat. Therefore, a consultation with your dentist is essential to take further steps in your dental treatment. If you have a missing tooth a good option to solve this problem is a dental bridge which connects adjoining teeth. Here, the abutment teeth are teeth on either side of missing teeth and the pontic is a false tooth ( the replacement).

Proper hygiene is essential to maintain dental bridge clean, especially it is important to brush in between the teeth and a false tooth with the aid of proxy brush or dental floss, also brushing with fluoride toothpaste at least twice a day. Due to this, you will avoid cavities and prevent gum tissue infections.

The importance of proper dental bridge care

Usually, dental bridge lasts up to 10 years, however, improper hygiene may shorten its lifespan to 5 years ( or even less if you do not take care of your dental bridge). Good news is that if you stick to your dentist’s advice you may be happy with your dental bridge even up to 15 years. The number of dental bridge replacements highly depends on how much importance you attach to proper dental bridge care, therefore, in the long run, you may save lots of money simply by maintaining dental bridge clean.

How to take care of dental bridge

Unfortunately, some of your teeth went missing yet they fell out side by side. During the consultation with your dentist, he will probably propose you installation of dental bridges. Here you may find useful tips how to maintain proper oral health having a dental bridge.

Understanding the concept

First of all, before explaining how to properly maintain a dental bridge, it should be said what a dental bridge is. Contrary to other solutions, the dental bridge is a permanent one where a dental bridge is fixed to healthy teeth on each side and great advantage of it is that it resembles natural teeth so that it is almost indistinguishable.

Brushing and flossing

After the bridge has been installed, you should follow you daily dental hygiene like brushing and flossing.  Dentists explain that thanks to brushing residue are removed from the bridge and around the gums which also reduces the chance of inflammation development. Also flossing is a good addition to brushing and your dentist surely will inform you how to perform it.

Staying away from hard foods

Hard foods are not recommended by a dentist as they are not a good choice for your teeth and especially to your dental bridge. Although you may think that dental bridge is manufactured and should be durable, it may be misleading. It is important that you should implement new habits like avoid chewing ice, hard candies so that dental bridge will serve you longer.

See the Dentist regularly

Regular check-ups are essential not only in your annual examinations but also are important when you have a dental bridge so it is advisable to do it at least twice a year. Although the dental bridge is made of artificial material any residue ought to be get rid of as any buildup too. In case, you are missing more than one tooth our advice for you is to make an appointment with the professional dentist and ask for advice about your dental treatment. It is highly possible that you may require a dental bridge.

Don’t chew ice

Ceramic is a durable and strong material usually preferred in the making of dental crowns or bridges, yet do not overestimate it as even your natural teeth may fracture if there is too much pressure put over dental work. That is why avoid chewing ice or opening bottles with your teeth so that you may reduce the risk of impairing a dental bridge.

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How to take care of a removable dental bridge

When it comes to maintaining proper dental hygiene in case of removable dental bridges it is different from ordinary teeth hygiene.

First, if you have removable denture installed, take it out and then brush the space under the removable bridge. During each cleaning, you should use a soft toothbrush to get rid of any food leftovers, plaque and to prevent discolouration.

Removable bridges, especially those made of porcelain, are prone to chipping, breaking, or fracturing, therefore, handle them with care when is removed from your mouth.

Putting bridge back on its place removing it may exert pressure on your teeth that is why you are obliged to follow the instructions you were provided with by your dentist to prevent from a weakening of the supporting teeth.  Moreover, if you feel that you need any adjustment, go straight to your dentist to fix it straight away.

Dental tourism in Poland

Dental bridges Poland are perfect for those who are missing one or more tooth in a row. It is of great importance to be accustomed to all the information about dental bridges but also following guidelines from the dentist regarding routine oral hygiene will be advantageous. Remember to brush and floss your teeth properly, stay away from chewing ice or any other hard food as it may damage your new dental bridge. Also, one of the most important things is to make appointments with your dentist so that you may expect a larger lifespan of your bridge. With regard to dental bridge maintenance, you should always remove it slowly and do it in a gentle manner as although it is manufactured and may seem that is almost unbreakable, there is also a good chance that it may chip off or any damage will happen.

If you happen to lose one or more of your teeth, you should consider performing dental bridge abroad, especially in Poland where low prices go together with high-quality service. Moreover, we offer top class specialists who are specialised in dental solutions with many years of experience. Booking dental treatment is extremely easy: you may contact our personnel and ask for more information about possibilities of having a cheap dental bridge done in Poland. Do not hesitate, but contact us if you consider any dental treatment done abroad.


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