How do we lose vitamins in a good diet?

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We live in times of prosperity, so in theory, we should not have any trouble with a deficit of vitamins and minerals. Meanwhile, paradoxically, even though food a few decades ago was poorer – taking into account the amount, less varied, and in spite of this, the teeth were healthier and the rest of the body too, and vitamin-mineral supplementation were recommended only during illness or at a young age.

Nowadays, we hear about supplementation at every step, why is that?

  • Lifestyle – nervousness and haste do not encourage preparing nutritious meals, or eating them in a suitable atmosphere – which is in peace and calmly.
  • Diet – inextricably linked with lifestyle and most directly proportional to the amount of haste in which one lives. We eat whatever, fast and on our way to work/school, which usually makes us eat foods rich in easily assimilable sugar and fat.
  • Food quality – improving food production technologies do not always go hand in hand with improving or even maintaining the bio-nutrients. Economic requirements of production too often turn out to be decisive in factors like how much actually butter is butter, and juice in the juice. For this reason, cheap food, produced on a mass scale is usually very depleted, if you take a closer look at the composition of the vitamin and mineral.

Is supplementation always necessary? No, provided that we have time to search for a really nutritious food and funds for its purchase. Besides, any supplementation should be targeted at complementing specific deficiencies. That’s why pharmaceutical manufacturers are increasingly bringing to market vitamins and minerals prepared for the specific needs of the individual user. For example, those who are concerned about oral health. Dentists in Poland tell us that at the moment, there are few such specialized formulations of this type, but due to the fact that the growing awareness of health makes us look carefully at the selected ingredients that help maintain healthy, strong teeth and the proper functioning of the gums, probably soon there will be plenty to choose from.


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