How Long Will My Dental Implants Last?

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Dentist doing dental implantsDental implants abroad are one of jaw restoration treatment. That is why dental implants are said to be the best teeth restoration for toothless patients, or for patients with some missing teeth and gaps. Dental implant well maintained will last for your lifetime, most of the implants have a lifetime warranty. Lifetime warranty of cheap dental implants proofs that dental implants are designed for long-term effects and results. Of course, to benefit from long-lasting dental implants patient should take care of overall and oral health, that way then dental implants can last for decades. Each our patient is given instruction, tips, the pieces of advice how to treat teeth and dental implants.

The Lifetime of Dental Implants

We are very often asked, dentist, are even more often asked how long will the implants last? I think that is the good moment to define what does it mean, that dental implant lasts their lifetime warranty, as dental implants are lifetime procedure and lifetime effects. To measure ‘’the implant life ‘’ manufacturers and warranty makers define and measure the lifetime of a product using what is called a “bathtub curve.”. Dental implants are on market more than 30 years. Experts use 20-year case studies, they examined more than 15000 installed to define the durance of implant maintenance.

Firstly, dental implant just after installment has a relatively high failure rate. We base on 15000 implants installed. In the beginning (the first year from dental implant procedure) 200 implants occurred the failure. Implants felt down due to medical reasons, like bone or gum infections, or bone loss. Some of them felt because of implant manufacturer defect.

The next 15 years dental implant situation seems very good, Over 15000 implant installed only 119 failed. Total failure rate, accordingly to the analysis, is only 2.5%. In other words, more than 93 % of dental implants have survived. I believe that is very good news for you.

There are no case studies, no materials which proof that dental implant starts to fail regularly. Experts did not meet any failure rate equal 50%. We have compared some different case studies, where different implant brand was examined, all results seem similar.

It is hard to examine how long the implants can really last, are there are only a few people who have had dental implant treatment before their 30s. Mosty dental implants are chosen by patients with advanced age, it is sad but it is true, that many of them pass away with dental implants, so we can not determine the exact time of dental implant life.

Success Factors

The average success of the cheap dental implant is higher than 90%. That is the very high score. Dental implants results show that 90% of dental implant patients have never had any problems with cheap dental implant abroad. It does not mean that the rest of patients occurred permanent implant failure. Most of the implant which felt down were injected one more time by dental practice or manufacturer. Hope that calmed you down a bit.

There are a few factors that may influence the time of dental implant life. Here they are:

  • Bone Structure – patient must have enough bone to install the dental implant. That is why, dentists suggest bone graft/ bio bone injection, or sinus lift. Without proper, bone structure implant will not survive a long time.
  • Your Dentist: dental implant should be performed in the professional clinic, especially with long experienced dental implantology. Studies show that well-experienced dentist has lower risk and failure rate.
  • Your Bite: Excess bite force can lead to implant failure. The mouth guard may protect your teeth from bite issues.
  • Your Health: Perfect candidates for dental implants should have good overall health. Diabetes should have sugar levels stabilized.
  • Your Hygiene: dental implant should be treated as natural teeth, they need teeth brushing, flossing and dental check-ups

How Do I Maintain Dental Implants?

The long-term success of implants depends on how you will care about your new dental implant. there are some factors to keep longer maintenance of dental implants.

For sure patients with some gum diseases should attend dental check-ups. patients with bone diseases should follow dental check-ups, as well. Any gum or bone change might be treated without implant failure, but should be discovered quickly.
What is more, there are some simple tips to follow every day:

Brushing: some dentist will suggest using electronic toothbrush because of they better clean teeth and tiny gaps between teeth.

Oral Irrigation Systems: Research has shown that oral irrigation is effective to reduce stubborn rests of food, the alternative to irrigation is daily use of mouthwash.

Flossing: dentist advice to use floss at least twice a week to reduce the risk of gum inflammation or bacterial inflammation of dental implant.

Dental Visits: dental check-ups are recommended to perform every 6 months, what is more hygiene clean should be done at least once a year or even more, if it is needed of course. It is necessary to keep healthy all teeth.

Feel free to contact us and ask for dental implants. In our offer we have lots of dental systems: like singe implant, dental implant bridge, click on system bases on implants, overdentures based on implants, all on 4, all on 6 and full jaw restoration with dental bridges. Remember that in case you are missing more than one tooth, there is no need to replace each single teeth with an implant.
We are happy to inform you that our dental implant prices are very affordable and competitive against standard dental implant prices in the UK, Germany or in the USA. Our dental implant starts from 1800 PLN which is 380 GBP / 420 EUR. It is worth to underline that patients must return to Poland 6 months after dental installment to perform permanent crown on the implant which price starts from 1800 PLN which is 380 GBP / 420 EUR.


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