How long does all-on-4 abroad result last?

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smiling coupleAll-on-4 Poland that it is a very long-lasting full jaw restoration system. Some dentists call all-on-4 lifetime procedure. For sure implants, you will have a whole life, even if prosthetic needs some correction it should be in perfect shape for next 20 years! If you have any further questions regarding longevity or other questions you might have about All-on-4 Poland feel free to contact our consultants.

What is all-on-4 procedure abroad?

The All-on-4 procedure is a prosthodontic procedure, which means missing teeth procedure, that provides a permanent, nonremovable replacement for the upper or lower jaw. All-on-4 can be installed in both jaws as well. The procedure is designed for patients with significant tooth loss, for patients with some bone loss, or for patients fed up with standard dentures. The All-On-4 Poland protocol requires 4 implants installed in a jaw, all implants are angled approximately 30 to 45 degrees from the biting plane. After osseointegration, healing time dentist installs overdenture on implants. Overdenture consist from 10th to 14th teeth. All patients are asked to choose the overdenture material as in our offer you may find acrylic, metal or porcelain overdenture.

When should I consider having all-on-4 Poland?

There are no medical indications to have all-on-4 abroad. For sure, nowadays all-on-4 Poland is one the best system of full jaw restoration, which provides better life quality. Affordable all-on-4 will let you eat and smile with no shame. Overdenture looks completely natural and should be treated as natural teeth. You need to brush it twice a day, have yearly dental check-ups. Most patients perform all-on-4 Poland to boost self-confidence, to improve life standard, to start shameless life.

How long does the all-on-4 abroad result last?

Many patients are surprised to learn that dental implants are made of a titanium, which is lifetime material. In fact, All-on-4 dental implants are designed and prepared to last a lifetime. The patient who leads good oral hygiene performs routine dental check-ups at least one a year, should not have any problem with implants. It is essential to brush, clean teeth at least twice daily and floss teeth before going to sleep, as while flossing we are able to clean areas your toothbrush can’t reach. It is also advised for the patient should limit smoking.

Is there any guarantee provided after all-on-4 in Poland?

All-on-4 Poland is performed with top quality, premium implants which have a lifetime warranty. Each patient after implantation is given a special book, implant passport which contains all details regarding type, size, model of the implant, date of installment. It also includes warranty policy. Calling to the manufacturer you will receive a list of dental offices which cooperate with this implant brand, in case of any problem. For prosthetic clinic gives own warranty. All depends on the material used for overdenture. Typically it is 10 or 15 years. Just to be sure and double check, ask the dentist about your guarantee time to confirm details.


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