What to see in Krakow while visiting the dentist?

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krakowDentists in Krakow are professional with years of experience

Krakow is one of the most frequently visited cities in Poland. Last years Krakow was visited by nearly 2.5 million tourists. That is a great success. Euromonitor reports that Krakow is on 70th position within top visited cities in the World. According to the Euromonitor ranking, Krakow is better than Honolulu (74th position), Marrakech (84th position), or  Rio de Janeiro (92nd position). People travel to Krakow because it is a beautiful city with many interesting sights. What is more, the city is situated close to many attractions, Polish mountains, Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum etc. Krakow is attractive for dental tourists also, as many specialists work there. Our clinic in Krakow hires only professionals dentist with years experience. Our patients give excellent feedback to our dentists in Krakow.

Places to visit in Krakow:

Main Market Square (Rynek Glówny)

Kraków’s main market square it is a must see point in Krakow.  For tourists, it is the natural start and finishes point for any city tour. Main Market Square was designed in 1257, it has 200 meters square, what makes the Market one of the largest medieval squares in Europe.

During The Second  World War, the  name of Main Market Square was changed into ‘Adolf Hitler Platz’, it had this name during the years of German occupation. After war, the original name Market Square was returned. Another must-see point is the Main Market Square Underground – which has 4,000m2. You can also visit the hi-tech museum that is situated there, it is tracing the history of the Cloth Hall. Polish cuisine is widely offered in charming bars and restaurants around the Main Square, any tourist should try polish pierogi, barszcz or żurek. We bet you will love it!

Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum

Auschwitz is a place where more than a million Jews, and many Poles and Roma, were murdered by the German occupiers during WWII. Tour within Auschwitz, museum and its surrounding lats 7 hours. There are available English speaking guides, who will show and explain the history of the place, and people who have been killed and who have survived. It is the memorial place, full of thoughts and sights.

St. Mary’s Basilica (Kosciól Mariacki)

Here are few historical facts about St. Mary’s Basilica: it was rebuilt in Gothic style in 1320 after Tatar’s ride which completely ruined the church. From The Basilica you may hear “hejnał mariacki” – which is Krakow famous bugle call – the song is played every hour on the hour. It is worth to underline that hejnal that is the live play on trumpet and that is one of the city’s most enduring traditions. That is an extra attraction for tourists and Krakow citizens, no matter how many times you have heard it, it is always breathtaking spectacle. The magnificent wooden altarpiece that you can see inside of the church was the principal work of 15th-century German artist Veit Stoss. Around the altar you will see polychrome paintings of Polish masters of art like Matejko, Mehoffer, and Wyspiański. From the church, you may go to Mariacki Tower, where you may admire Krakow panorama.

Wawel Cathedral

Wawel Cathedral has the special place in the history of the Polish State due to the fact that it was the church of Polish kings for four hundred years. Some of the polish kings had their coronations at Wawel Cathedral. What is more, all most important state ceremonies like weddings, baptisms and funeral ceremonies of Polish royalty were celebrated at Wawel Cathedral’s High Altar. It is also a Polish kings burial place. Visitors ofter sightsee royal sarcophagus. Other artractions are bells, in Krakow Cathedral tourists may see ten ancient bells including giant Sigismund bell from 1520.



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