The most insidious enemy of dental health

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Dentists in Poland say that sugar is the number one enemy for dental health. We have all heard of its harmful effects on the enamel. In contrast, a big surprise to quite a large proportion of the public may be informed that the most insidious (and who knows, maybe even worse than sugar) enemy of oral health is smoking. The highly negative effect of it results from the fact that it acts on all the structures of the oral cavity and can lead to the development of a variety of diseases, including cause of life-threatening systemic or systemic diseases, which are the primary cause of oral diseases.

The effect of smoking may be:

build-up of plaque and formation of tartar



cancer – caused by components of tobacco smoke and / or are the result of micro-tissue burns

decrease in immunity and bleeding from the gums – is the result of reducing the amount of vitamin C in the body.


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