Why do we want to improve our appearance?

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Why do we want to improve our appearanceThe answer is simple – we want to be beautiful.

However, the desire to be beautiful and improve your charm is worth considering more carefully. Is it really worth doing? Are pretty people more successful?

According to the theory of evolutionary psychology, beauty gives you a better chance to find an appropriate partner, who will fulfill your life. It is rather a primitive understanding of the role of human beauty, however, it is still valid. Nowadays, the beauty is still an important factor, during the assessment of other people. One could even say that is the most decisive factor.

Why does this happen?

We live in the times when everything is focused on the aesthetics. It applies not only to the beauty of people but also the beauty of the surrounding. We buy beautiful and trendy home furniture. We search for only beautiful places, while planning our holidays. With Dental Travel Poland you can improve your appearance and visit a new beautiful city! Choose one of our dental destinations in Poland to book the appointment.

Every day we are confronted with various canons of beauty. The stores and beauty salons encourage us to become more beautiful and stylish. Also at work, we unintentionally compare ourselves to our colleagues regarding their appearance and style. Beauty is omnipresent in the media, which promotes stylish presenters with perfect bodies in modern TV studios. Due to their universality, the media is a powerful means of transmission of cultural beliefs and values. It sets standards which people, more or less consciously, want to achieve. The studies at Stanford University and the University of Massachusetts found that 70% of female students say they feel bad about their looks after reading women’s magazines. “People meet the same images over and over and start to believe it’s a version of reality,” says Deborah Schooler, one of the researchers.

This is the reason why people want to be beautiful. They feel they need to match this beautiful world. Also the environment encourages us to “become more perfect.” People often live with the belief that they should meet the ideals of beauty which, unfortunately, are often unreachable. The attractive appearance is an integral part of our “being”.

BeautyDo beautiful people have easier life?

One might be tempted to say: Of course they do! But it is not as obvious as we think.

It is not a rule, that in order to be successful, have a family and be happy, you have to look like a movie star. Many of the beautiful people are unhappy and unfulfilled, while at the same time others (usually of average beauty) enjoy their successful and wonderful life. However, the research shows that physically attractive people are judged better by others. We tend to attribute positive features to the attractive people rather than to the less good-looking ones. Imagine this situation: two persons with the same professional qualifications apply for a job. The more attractive candidate is more probable to get the job. This is related to the human information processing system. What is pretty makes us think positively: pretty = good, pretty = nice, pretty = attaining success. Later, when we know a person’s personality, we verify whether the character is equally attractive as the appearance. Undoubtedly, however, in the beginning everything is much easier for the good-looking people.

Therefore, it is really worth taking care of your appearance.

The need to take care of yourself is essential. Just like an exaggerated focus on your appearance, similarly the total negligence is wrongly received. Beauty requires some care. The way in which we nurse our appearance is also the way we treat our health, character and mental abilities. People who do not care about their body and appearance, are usually responsible for forming their own complexes. They harm their health and self-confidence, which can cause serious and dangerous consequences, such as depression.

Teeth whiteningVery often a small improvement in the appearance, for example a visit to the beauty salon or dentist, can improve your self-confidence. Another simple step to improve your attractiveness is taking care of a healthy smile. The modern cosmetic dentistry provides you with a very wide range of treatments such as dental veneers or dental crowns, which quickly and effectively improve the health of your teeth, and highly improve your looks and attractiveness.

See some facts about smiling – an activity you perform every day hundreds of times. Worth considering!

74% of adults say that unattractive smile reduces your chances for a professional success

85% of adults think an unattractive smile makes you less attractive to the opposite sex

87% of adults claim that it’s easier to remember people with an attractive smile

In conclusion, there is nothing wrong with taking care of your appearance. The current canon of beauty can also be used as a motivation to lead a healthy life. The beauty does not only mean nice and pleasant but also healthy!


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