How to make your teeth whiter?

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The widespread belief that the only method that provides a beautiful white teeth whitening is the dentist’s office is not entirely true. In many cases, rather than a professional whitening in Poland, just try a professional cleaning of the enamel from stone, so the teeth become lighter. Teeth whitening is otherwise reserved only for persons over 16 years of age; epileptics and pregnant women should not undergo this treatment. Here are the methods that will help you in getting the nice appearance of teeth:

  • Removing tartar (scaling) – the first stage of a comprehensive restoration of teeth to health and good looks. Tartar is mineralized, deposited on the surface of the enamel plaque – it needs to be removed to prevent the development of inflammation and periodontal disease. The treatment is performed in the office, just once a year. Scaling removes mineral deposits – especially on the border line of gum . The stone can be removed:
  • mechanically
  • ultrasound
  • laser
  • chemically

The treatment ends with the application of fluoride varnish.

  • Sandblasting of teeth – the cleaning of the enamel from the sediment with the water, air and powdered chemical (sodium bicarbonate). The mixture is thrown from the device, known as sandblasting, at a pressure between the teeth, so it reaches all the hard to reach places. Blasting should not be performed too often. After the treatment for some time, avoid drinking and food coloring liquids and foods. After the procedure, the dentist applies the lacquer containing fluorine.
  • Replacing an old, discolored dental filling with a new one – amalgam and composite fillings that change color are a common cause discoloration of the enamel. The assumption additions of modern materials, especially porcelain, ensures beautiful, lasting color. Especially recommended are inlay – onlay fillings, which strengthen teeth by about 75% and are very durable – about 10 – 30 years.


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