How long will my dental crowns last?

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smiling women with implantsThere are many factors that affect the dental crowns effect. First is: was it safe dental crowns, meaning what was the product quality and material. Some older techniques used by cheaper clinics in the West and cheaper ingredients may lead to reduced longevity of dental crowns. You must also choose the right doctor, who will be able to perform safe dental crowns application and will know the material he is working with. Again this may be very costly in the West, while in Poland You can get the service of top professionals. The third thing in the longevity of dental crowns is how the patient maintains them. Yes, You too can affect the overall effect if You maintain dental crowns in a certain way.

Dental crowns’ lifetime

There is a popular misconception about dental crowns lifetime. Many compare it with the other medical procedures such as rhinoplasty. You may tell how the effect will look and estimate how long will the healing process take. In fact, You should compare dental crowns to a dress. It is impossible to say how long the dress will last, as it heavily depends on how You wear it, wash it and store it. It is little like with the dental crown. The overall result will vary depending on how You will maintain dental crowns.

When dental crowns should be replaced

Considering all the factors You can expect Your dental crowns to last 10 to 30 years. It is a lot, especially when we consider the average age of patient for this sort of operation, which is 50 +. It doesn’t mean that You will have to deal with problems with dental crowns after first 10 of use. If You will choose the right product of high quality, it can last a lifetime and never the dental crowns should be replaced. One of the most common reasons for chipping or cracking of the crowns is their poor quality. In the West usually the less expensive the crown the worst quality, while in Poland You can get great quality for much less. Another factor is material – never test new material on Yourself as it has to be tested in various patients. Even if the product of poorer quality will not break immediately, You can have other problems with dental crowns such as less comfort and self-confidence.

The best quality

While booking Your dental crowns abroad ask the dentist about product quality. First of all, let him estimate how long this sort of material will last in Your case. It can vary from person to person, as people eat differently, maintain their teeth differently, have various tobacco, medicine, and drug habits. Some companies guarantee their product to last up to 8 years no matter how patient takes care of his teeth. Usually, these are not the cheap dental crowns, but in the Eastern Europe and especially Poland You can get better service for less money, so You can expect s guarantee on Your crowns that You will consider cheap. As You see dental crowns abroad are not paired with greater risk than usual, but the opposite. Before having Your cheap dental crowns You can also talk with Your insurance company. Many of them will pay for replacing the dental crowns if they will break sooner than expected. It will vary on Your age, product quality, lifestyle and so on.

You have to be honest with the doctor after the procedure, as You alone also can have a great impact on the crowns longevity. For example, Your doctor will ask You how do You feel about them and are they well fitted. If not, it may get broken faster, as with loose teeth, You may have excessive wear occur on the surfaces as a result of habitual chewing and nighttime bruxism. Don’t despair if You see first signs of dental crown problems. It doesn’t necessarily mean that You need a replacement, but it requires a quick and precise action. Your dentist may propose certain treatments, that may slow or stop the process. This is why it is so important to have regular check-ups after the procedure and stay in contact with Your dentist.

When Your crowns need a replacement:

  • when Your gum tissue is receding and You can see that excessive occlusal wear has occurred
  • You can feel that the crown is loose
  • it came off
  • it is cracked or chipped
  • You have a gum infection
  • Your teeth under the crown is rotting or You have other serious dental problem


There are many things You can do to prolong Your crown life

There is nothing as potent as proper crown care and the only way to do it is to be consistent in the everyday life. Expensive doctors visits can’t replace the proper oral hygiene such as regular flossing and teeth brushing. You have to take care of Your remaining teeth as well as of the crowns itself. Another thing is to take care of what You eat. Some patients had big problems with their teeth before, and they couldn’t chew, so after the operation, they start to live to the fullest in a sense of eating everything with no regard of its effect the teeth. This can be dangerous and You should always remember to treat Your new teeth at least as good as You would the old ones. The same goes for extreme temperatures of ice or coffee, that should be approached with care.

Dental crowns in Poland

In the end, it is also important to remember, that quality of the implants and doctors skills also matters, when it comes to dental implants. That is why it is better to decide on dental crowns in Poland. While deciding on which implants and country to choose it is important to remember, that You will feel the results of Your decision for many years to come. For more information, contact Dental Travel Poland. Our helpful consultants will describe your whole process and organize your stay in Poland.


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